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North America Regional Integrated Service

Energy forecasts, strategic analysis, and insights

This service delivers an integrated view of power, gas, coal and renewables in North America. Find US and Canadian energy market fundamentals and growth forecasts, capital costs, competitive benchmarking, long-term strategic analysis, and topical insights into the North American power grid, natural gas fundamentals, power generation infrastructure, regulation, technology and much more.

Key benefits:

  • Support your strategic planning and investment processes
  • Anticipate shifts in policy, regulation, technology and markets
  • Gain a long-term views of regional energy markets

What’s Included

North American Power & Renewables
  • Comprehensive power outlook to 2050 for six regions, with primers on 21 power markets, each with its own report and one single overview report. Concepts covered include:
    • Underlying economic indicators
    • Power demand
    • New supply capital cost characteristics and LCOE
    • Generating capacity retirements and additions
    • Renewable penetration levels
    • Average capacity factor of generation supply across fuels/technologies
    • Fossil fuel prices at relevant delivery points
    • Emission allowance prices
    • Wholesale power prices (including on- and off-peak average and hourly)
    • Spark and dark spreads
    • Implied heat rates
    • Capacity values
  • Sensitivity cases that explore key uncertainties, including implications of alternative natural gas prices and carbon dioxide (CO2) emission price views
  • State-level build projections through 2030 for wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, small hydro and ocean energy markets
  • Technology cost outlooks for wind, solar and battery energy storage
  • Project-by-project breakdown of the top wind and solar asset owners and their recent activity
  • Topical research reports on emerging power and renewable trends, market and policy developments
  • Announced coal plant retirements, pollution control retrofit projects and conventional power plant transactions
North American Gas
  • Report on short-term (3 years) market drivers and trends, including data set:
    • Forecasts for natural gas monthly prices (Henry Hub and 33 key pricing points)
    • Storage inventories
    • Supply/demand balances
  • Quarterly detailed fundamentals analysis for nine regions and twelve subregions
  • Two-week outlook for US lower-48 storage injections and withdrawals, with analysis of impact on natural gas prices
  • List of newly announced pipeline expansion projects in the US Lower 48 and Canada, including:
    • Estimated capital costs
    • Project scope (e.g., additional pipeline and/or compression)
    • Project flow paths by region, state, and county
    • Project announced in-service date and status
  • Report on long-term (to 2050) market drivers and trends, including data set:
    • Monthly forecasts for natural gas monthly prices (Henry Hub and 33 key pricing points)
    • Monthly storage inventories
    • Monthly supply/demand balances
    • Monthly demand by sector for residential, commercial, industrial, power, and transportation.
    • Play-level production
North American Coal
  • Strategic reports/market briefings on the North American steam coal market
  • Industry-best supply/demand balance sheet, broken out nationally and on a basin-by-basin basis, with monthly and annual numbers, covering:
    • Thermal and met coal production
    • Thermal and met coal exports by port
    • Thermal imports
    • Utility and industrial demand
    • Stockpile outlook for each basin
  • Five-year outlook for US steam coal spot prices, historical US and international steam coal spot market prices, and average prices for coal delivered to US power plants
  • Quarterly review of supply and demand in key coal markets in North and South America
  • Quarterly review of short-term supply/demand forecasts for major importing and exporting countries
Sample Webinar Topics
  • What are the opportunities, challenges and key trends in the stationary energy storage sector in 2020 and beyond?
  • North American natural gas long-term outlook: Growing dependence on international markets
  • Fast Transition: Exploring faster electrification and decarbonization possibilities in North American power markets
  • Summer weather sensitivities: Can the North American natural gas market handle a mild summer?
  • What’s next for battery technology?
  • The most important trends in solar PV and battery energy storage in 2020
  • The impacts of the state of technology on the pathways to a sustainable energy future
  • Captured prices for US wind and solar: What a difference a carbon price makes
  • International steam coal trade: growth slows but uncertainty rises?
  • Winter weather sensitivities: North American gas demand and price expectations in a fully supplied winter wonderland
  • Assessing the US power supply challenge amid a surge in solar development?
  • Path to the next frontier: Business models for renewable energy in emerging markets
  • US battery storage costs: Declines to continue amid surging demand for electric vehicles
  • California’s looming power supply shortfall: What resources are likely to fill the need?
  • Infrastructure additions across the Gulf Coast are breaking down transportation and pricing bottlenecks: What new challenges lie ahead?
  • US corporate renewable procurement surge: Anomaly or sustained trend?
  • North American natural gas and renewable generation: The fight to serve incremental demand
Country Coverage
  • United States (US Lower 48)
  • Canada

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