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Natural Gas Liquids Markets

Source and invest with sound market fundamentals

Do you need to understand future sources of NGL demand and determine whether NGL infrastructure investments are needed?

This service leverages IHS proprietary market and modeling expertise to provide supply, demand and price forecasts, accompanied by in-depth insight, on natural gas liquids or NGLs (ethane, propane, normal/isobutene) and natural gasoline). You get natural gas liquids price forecasting and freight data, weekly economics updates and stock reports. Strategic planners, financial analysts, business development executives and downstream economists rely on us to:

  • Understand the long-term outlook for individual NGLs
  • Optimize feedstock selections and minimize market exposures
  • Assess market factors such as supply sources, end uses and waterborne freight
  • Make long-term capacity/infrastructure investment decisions

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Complementary offering for NGL Markets US NGL Markets Weekly provides unbiased analysis of the past 4 weeks, current week and the next four weeks for all NGL purity products
IHS Markit NGLs and Feedstocks Conference Series

What's Included

  • Strategic reports: key NGL industry issues
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly market updates: global/regional NGL markets
  • 25-year forecasts for NGL production, processing capacities, economics and feedstock interfaces
  • NGLs/LPG supply, demand, trade and pricing
  • Data visualization tools on IHS Markit Connect (coming soon)
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Invitations to member-only events, including our signature IHS Markit Forums, conferences and regular webcasts

Geographic Modules

Build on the global base module with additional geographic modules to match your needs. Currently available geographies:

  • Global (Base Module)
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe/CIS/Africa


  • Asia & Middle


Watch now: NGLs regional market spotlight

Hear from IHS Markit Midstream and NGL experts on the latest trends and developments in key regions.

CanadaUnited StatesLatin AmericaEurope
Propane update:
  • How has the outlook changed for the Canadian propane market for the coming winter?
  • What factors have impacted the decline of inventory levels?
  • What does this mean for western Canadian propane producers?
Diluent market – pricing methods have changed:
  • What is happening with the diluent market in Edmonton?
  • How has the demand from oil sands producers influenced pricing?
Butane Update:
  • What caused the dramatic drop of western Canadian butane prices late 2018?
  • Do we see butane prices recovering further?
US NGL growth and its impact on infrastructure
  • Has upstream activity in Permian changed IHS Markit’s Outlook for NGL in the US?
  • Do we see domestic consumption of NGL growing?
  • There were concerns about infrastructure last year, has that changed? Do we have sufficient infrastructure in place to handle the supply growth?
Growth of Brazil and Argentina LPG production with the decline of Mexico and Venezuela
  • What are the prospects of NGL production growth in Brazil and Argentina?
  • What is the forecast for countries with declining production like Mexico & Venezuela?
  • LPG Demand in Latin America is saturated, which countries or sectors have the largest possibility for growth?
Short term outlook for LPG in the European chemical sector
  • What impact is the ongoing growth in US propane and butane exports having in Europe?
  • Does IHS Markit expect any expansions to Europe’s capacity to consume LPG in the petrochemical sector?
  • Will declining LPG production in Europe lead to higher net imports for the region?


IHS Markit Conference 01 May 2022


2022年5月,中国石油经济技术研究院(CNPC ETRI)和埃信华迈(IHS Markit)将联合 (...)

IHS Markit Conference 01 May 2022

International Energy Executive Forum 2022

In May 2022, China National Petroleum Economics an (...)


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