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Mobility as a Service report

Analyze the current landscape of mobility services

How significant is ride-hailing, ride-sharing and car-sharing?
How will autonomous driving change this dynamic?

The shared use of vehicles has been available for decades, but ubiquitous connectivity has carried these business models into the 21st century under the label of mobility services. Perceived in the past as expensive or inconvenient, smartphones and cloud platforms now enable flexible, alternative use of cars as a product and are establishing mobility as a service and transforming personal mobility and the automotive, transportation, and technology industries. This report will help you:

  • Analyze the current landscape of mobility services today
  • Learn about significant activity at the cross section of the automotive and technology industries
  • Explore current and future technology enabling and enhancing mobility services
  • Assess the regulatory environment impacting mobility services
  • Read mobility-as-a-service use-cases
  • Evaluate success factors for mobility segments and mobility providers
  • Explore the impact of mobility services on the automotive industry

Report contents

This detailed report provides over 80 pages of detailed analysis on Mobility as a Service. In addition, the report provides an extensive database of mobility providers, activities, regulations and use cases, along with ride-hailing availability. The Mobility as a Service report complements the Reinventing the Wheel multi-client study which looks at the future of cars, oil, chemicals and electric power.

Mobility Business Models
  • Current Car Mobility
  • Fleet vs Private Vehicles
  • Mobility Business Models
  • Current Car Mobility Impact
Mobility Segments
  • Shared Vehicle Summary
  • Ride-Hailing
  • Ride-Sharing
  • Car-Sharing
  • Autonomous Shuttles
  • Other Sharing Segments
Industry Activity
  • Automakers
  • Automotive Suppliers
  • Technology Companies
Mobility Technologies
  • Technologies Impacting Shared Vehicle Use
  • Current Technologies
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Future Technologies

The report takes a look at regulations in nearly 30 countries.

  • Regulatory Summary
  • Europe
  • Country analysis for:
    Argentina | Australia | Brazil | Bulgaria | Canada | China | Colombia | Czech Republic | Denmark | Finland | France | Germany | Hong Kong | Hungary | India | Indonesia | Italy | Japan | Macau | Mexico | Netherlands | Philippines | Russia | South Korea | Spain | Taiwan | Thailand | United Kingdom | United States
Mobility as a Service
  • Perspective on Mobility as a Service
  • Use Cases in Mobility as a Service
  • Driverless Evolution of Mobility Services
Success in Mobility Services
  • Success for Mobility Segments
  • Success for Mobility Providers
Mobility Impact on Automotive

Ride-hailing, ride-sharing, fleet car-sharing, peer-to-peer car-sharing. Due to complex market conditions and converging industry mega-trends, the market potential of driverless mobility services is difficult to forecast. The final chapter of this report explores a simple workflow to size the market for driverless mobility services in 2035 and 2040.

  • Impact of Mobility as a Service
  • Future Mobility Outlook and Revenue Scenarios
  • Conclusion

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