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Keep pace with global methanol market and technology trends.

Methanol is the simplest alcohol and is used as an antifreeze, solvent, fuel and denaturant for ethanol. It is also used to produce chemicals—namely formaldehyde but also olefins and propylene—and to make fuels, such as biodiesel and ship bunker fuel, and fuel-related applications, including gas blending additives and fuel cells.

Whether you are a methanol buyer, seller, trader, producer or consumer, rely on IHS Chemical for complete methanol market coverage from feedstocks to the fuel pump. With more than 200 chemical experts and hundreds of adjacent industry experts and economists, we are uniquely qualified to provide you with daily to long-term methanol news, analysis, pricing, availability, company research, production costs, process economics, new technologies, supply & demand, and carbon emissions.

Partner with IHS today to:

  • Optimize purchasing, production, investment and strategic planning decisions
  • Anticipate and capitalize on new technologies, end-use applications or market openings
  • Embed methanol risk assessments into any size decision
  • Gain greater control over CAPEX, OPEX and carbon emissions
  • Execute superior trades and empower contract negotiations
  • Benchmark producers, process technologies and product positioning

Watch video with IHS Chemical Director Mike Nash discussing emerging trends in the international methanol market.


Optimize decisions across the methanol value chain with a solution from IHS Markit

Locating credible supply/demand, producer margins and price forecastingFind integrated global economic & energy outlooks with chemical production capacities & expansion plans by country and region for reliable supply-demand, margin & price forecasts. IHS Markit covers weekly, near-term, medium-term and long-term time horizons, including those for specialty chemicals. Visualize the impact of these shifting market dynamics on chemical production costs.
Obtaining accurate assessments of raw material production capacity and uncovering plant/company ownershipAccess an interactive online database of chemical production capacities by country and region at the plant or company level. Find the ten-year forecast for all producers by company and location. Find annual producer capacity and plants by chemical.
Optimizing trades and commercial transactionsAnticipate market price shifts, empower contract negotiations with indexed price formulas, and leverage arbitrage windows, all with market advisory services and real-time expert access.
Comparing competing process technologies and benchmarking producersFind easy-to-digest comparisons of process economics for +1,400 process technologies used to make +600 chemicals, or tailor process economics to your project needs. Access the near-term process economics outlook for +300 industrial chemicals and for specialty chemicals.
Assessing a chemical company's outlookCompare chemical producer data across +14,000 firms that collectively produce 21,500 chemical in +90 countries. Dive into greater detail (strategy, business positioning, manufacturing footprint and more) with analysis of the world's top chemical companies.
Maximize knowledge of near-to-long-term industry trends and opportunities and optimize opportunity for global interactionsGet in-depth analysis and forecasts of chemical industry trends, on a global, regional, and country basis with weekly news, long-term forecasts and industry-leading events featuring expert presentations and networking opportunities. Request a customized solution for any product line, even specialty chemicals.
Finding objective intelligence and expertise when faced with a timely decisionSolve any size decision or challenge by leveraging our experts' core capabilities in commercial studies, legal and transaction support, renewables, technology, and strategic development.
Obtaining impartial data and analysis on the hottest topics shaping the industryInform decisions with primary research conducted by leading chemical experts on high profile industry topics.
Understanding downstream capital costsLeverage our proprietary index that tracks the capital costs incurred to build refining and chemical plants by updating the individual costs of the resources that go into such facilities.
Discerning how market shifts will impact your ability to securely source raw materials at the best price and improving your negotiating position with suppliersUnderstand your supplier cost structures to empower contract negotiations. Optimize supply chain decisions with weekly, near-term, medium-term and long-term market forecasts, including those for specialty chemicals.
Understand the impact of new technologies on production costs and emissionsQuickly assess the technical processes used to make 21,500 chemical in +90 countries. Learn how new technologies impact producer cost structures. Compare the carbon footprint of competing technologies.
Positioning products for maximum profitabilityAnticipate the market's short and long-term winners with data-supported market analysis for the near-term , medium-term and long term, including the specialty chemicals space.
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