IHS Meridian™

Powering Data Exploration

IHS Meridian provides direct access to IHS Markit North American data with integrated geospatial and business intelligence capabilities to support data visualization and analysis needs.

Access data using Meridian’s web-based user interface or easily integrate IHS Markit data into other systems or workflows with direct access to the content in a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Automated daily data updates monitored by IHS Markit guarantee you are always accessing the most current data available with any changes to the data clearly highlighted to users.

Meridian is built on our award winning Enterprise Data Management (EDM) platform used by more than 200 of the largest financial companies in the world.

Meridian offers an upgrade path to EDM, which provides the ability to centrally manage IHS Markit, proprietary, and third-party data with a suite of advanced data quality, aggregation and workflow tools.

Click the sections below to explore how Meridian helps customers:

  • Increase efficiency with fast access to IHS Markit data
  • Reduce dependency on developers, web services and time-consuming data exports
  • Utilize existing BI tools for complex analysis
  • Provide access to unlimited users within your organization
  • Rely on proven technology, underpinned by more than 250 staff globally

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