Solutions for Automotive Marketing, Field and Sales Operations

Improve the speed, accuracy and impact of marketing and field & sales operations
Global competition is fierce and automakers need to be fast, accurate and agile when it comes to marketing, and field and sales operations. Actionable information and insight will be the difference between market leaders and the rest of the pack.

As a trusted source of critical market, vehicle and consumer information and insights, IHS Markit enables automakers to make better decisions and drive better results by providing:

  • Marketing – Identify, target, activate and optimize better audiences to achieve a better experience and improved ROI
  • Field & Sales Operations – Close the gap between “plan” and actuals, improve coordination and communication across tier 1-3, optimize your retail network and improve the impact and return of after-sales service programs

IHS Markit automotive solutions

Marketing and Marketing Optimization

Maximize impact and return of your marketing operations

Breaking through the noise of today’s marketing environment or handling a sensitive recall campaign requires the RIGHT message at the RIGHT time, delivered to the RIGHT audience, through the RIGHT channels.

IHS Markit helps marketing professionals improve efficiency and impact of marketing programs through:

  • Audience Analysis – apply the industry’s most accurate, timely and comprehensive market, vehicle and consumer information and analytics to identify consumers that are in market, prefer your brand, make and model, are ready to leave your competitor’s brand or your brand.
  • Audience Targeting – isolate consumer segments that you can reach and engage in a privacy compliant manner.
  • Campaign Activation – integrate with traditional and digital fulfillment capabilities and channels.
  • Campaign Measurement & Optimization – evaluate campaign performance and tune for optimal results.


Sales Planning and Operations

Optimize sales performance across the entire network

Increased competition, fragmented markets and shifting consumer loyalties all add up to a challenging environment for sales and sales operations.

Fueled by the largest global database of vehicle registration, market and consumer data, IHS Markit helps National Sales Companies and dealer networks achieve revenue goals, improve efficiency and build a more loyal customer base through:

  • Retail Network Analysis and Design – map the ideal network via sophisticated self-serve tools and expert support.
  • Improved Sales Planning & Communications – leverage a shared view of regional and dealer-level sales and marketing performance including over/under performance to plan, pump-in/pump-out and competitive analysis, segment and zip-level opportunity planning and reporting.
  • Marketing Campaign Support – improve campaign performance and list generation.


Parts and Service

Increase after-sales revenue and customer loyalty

As the average age of vehicles on road lengthens (e.g. 11.6 years in the US according to IHS Markit), the market for replacement parts and extended vehicle service has never been greater. For National Sales Companies and dealers, providing quality service and parts not only drives substantial profit but significant contribution to owner loyalty.

Combining the world’s largest database of vehicle registrations and vehicles-in-operation and forecasts for 99% of the world’s global production, IHS Markit delivers solutions that:

  • Optimize part inventory and placement – rely on the most trusted market and demand (VIO) analysis down to the model level.
  • Improve After-sales marketing impact – apply best-in-class data capture and integration (DMS retail, warranty service; parts; new/used vehicle sales); market sizing; campaign planning and execution; performance measurement and reporting.


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