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Track detailed trading activity and assess the strength of brokers in the market

Fragmentation in the European equity markets has challenged participants’ ability to track trading activity and assess the relative strengths of the various brokers active in these markets. MSA offers a transparent market share service that collects and aggregates trade data across traditional exchanges, MTFs and OTC markets on a T+1 basis.

Our MSA solution highlights and ranks the trading strength of contributing firms on executed turnover or volume, organized by instrument, index, sector or country. Trading activity is sourced directly from brokers, with strict contribution rules and internal validation processes to ensure consistency.

Key benefits:

  • Extensive coverage - Aggregates data across all trading venues, including exchanges, MTFs and OTC markets
  • Comprehensive rankings - Broker rankings span instruments, indices, sectors, countries or a bespoke portfolio
  • Data integrity - Sourced directly from brokers, with rigorous validation and verification process applied
  • Transparency - Fully named reports applying a consistent and transparent trade contribution methodology
Track detailed trading activity


  • Buyside – Assess their brokers' strengths relative to their peers, to inform their broker selection when executing trades
  • Sellside – Transparent benchmark for direct peer performance comparison
  • ETFs – Ascertain trading activity on ETFs by issuer, product family, asset class exposure, holding type, tax domicile or strategy, as defined by IHS Markit ETP classification system (ECS)
  • Issuers – Identify key active players and track shifts in liquidity over time in order to ascertain trading activity on their instrument


  • Asset managers
  • Hedge funds
  • Broker/dealers
  • Banks
  • Issuers



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