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Market Analysis and Strategy Services

Innovating to help our clients answer complex questions on business strategy and market analysis

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We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when answering complex questions around setting business strategy, comparative market analysis, and growth and opportunity assessments for very different geographic and cultural environments. We look at each question in context and draw on our extensive toolkit to address a challenge appropriately. This could include layering geospatial proxy data to solve a data poverty question, visualizing relationships to identify networks and influencers, or blending modeling tools to provide probabilities for scenarios.​

Human activity – affecting countries, markets and sectors – is not driven by a single factor. Economics, politics, culture, technology and the environment all combine to shape agendas and outcomes. When we draw on all these aspects to analyze developments, impacts, and the associated risks and opportunities we are able to provide a holistic analysis and accurate outcome or forecast to your specific issue.​

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Providing innovative solutions for your business strategy and market analysis challenges


  • Identify opportunity​

    Competitively identify, size, frame, and enter high-growth markets and segments by bringing together the relevant data sets from our macroeconomic, industry and risk tools.

  • Analyze business drivers

    Understand and shape the company’s strategy and mission by testing assumptions, gathering and incorporating information about the present, and anticipating the future environment.​

  • Map influencers and stakeholders

    Identify the organizations and individuals with influence and decision-making power over issues critical to your business success.​



  • Size markets and segments

    Utilizing pricing, product demand and potential markets to understand and communicate sources of demand, market share and competitive positioning.​

  • Forecast​

    Industry-specific economic analysis and modelling to identify realistic and high impact scenarios to support informed investment decisions.​

  • Assess operational risk

    Understand and prepare for unexpected security, political, regulatory, supply chain and economic risks before they impact business. ​



  • Understand local environment​

    Detailed assessments of political dynamics and regulatory environments around the world that are specific to your sector. ​

  • Evaluate economic outlook​

    Formulate rapid responses to unfolding economic developments and understand business impact of major country events and trends.​

  • Anticipate risk exposures​

    Qualitative and quantitative risk assessment and outlook for potential operations; baseline scenarios with ascribed probabilities, analysis of the impact of each scenario on your operating environment.​



  • Execute investment strategy​

    Plan for alternative futures with economic analysis and modeling that identify realistic and high-impact investment scenarios.​

  • Quantify scenario outcomes​

    Qualitative analysis and robust econometric modeling to understand how events will impact industry opportunities—from economic policy to political upheaval. ​

  • Model impact​

    Combine deep industry knowledge with advanced economic modeling to more clearly articulate economic and social contributions to a broad array of external stakeholders.​


John Anton

Mr. Anton has expertise in the ferrous metals industry, he is responsible for evaluating the outlook for steel. He also specializes in forecasting commodities and works closely with the Automotive, Construction, Energy and Economics teams at IHS Markit. Steel demand is linked to outlooks from these key sectors. In turn, the profitability of these sectors can rise or fall depending on the price and availability of steel.Prior to joining IHS Markit, now IHS Markit, in 1995, he was in the private practice of law as well as an economist and statistician for the United States Department of Labor in the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Mr. John Anton received a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Florida State University, US, and a Juris Doctor from the Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William and Mary, US.

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John Mothersole

As director of research, Mr. Mothersole sets and executes research priorities to identify potential supply chain risks and opportunities. His other duties include providing inflation analysis for the US Economic Forecasting Service, World Industry Service and the metal price forecasts within the Global Link Model at IHS Markit. He is directly responsible for nonferrous metal forecasts. He has more than 30 years of experience in price analysis and price forecasting. A member of the National Association of Business Economists (NABE), Mr. Mothersole holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Economics, both from the University of Maryland, US.

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Laura Hodges

Ms. Hodges is responsible for the management and operations of the Pricing and Purchasing Research team. Ms. Hodges has managed several projects on global cost analysis, including projects in Asia and South America, where the objective was to recommend the most cost-effective and efficient action in the procurement of key materials and services. She has spoken extensively on the topic of procurement pricing strategies and the global cost environment, including a presentation at the Institute of Supply Management titled, "Has China Lost Its Low-Cost Edge?" She has made presentations on the "Economic Risks to Consider Before Bidding Your Next Contract," and "Understanding and Estimating the Skilled Labor Shortage," at a conference of the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering. Ms. Laura Hodges holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the George Washington University, U.S., and a Master of Arts in Health and Labor Economics from Duke University, U.S. She also earned an MBA from Rutgers University, Beijing, China.

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Emily Crowley

An expert in North American labor markets and a specialist in labor supply, demand and wage escalation, Ms. Crowley is a key contributor to the semi-annual Global Manufacturing and Global Construction Compensation reports and to ongoing research of labor markets on the US Gulf Coast and Western Canada. Her research provides an analytical framework to compare labor cost and escalation on a global basis. Ms. Emily Crowley received her Masters of Science in Applied Economics from the Johns Hopkins University where she focused in quantitative methods.

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Sophie Malin

In addition to forecasting and analyzing labor markets she also produces compensation reports and is a contributing author to the quarterly labor cost articles. Prior to joining IHS Markit, Sophie worked as a consultant for an insurance technology provider, Intellect SEEC.She received a BSc degree in Economics from the University of Swansea with a year abroad studying business, law and economics at the University.

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KC Chang,, MA, MS

His expertise resides in the commodity sector, where he is responsible for the nonferrous and precious metals forecasts including platinum and palladium. His latest research focuses on supply chain risks and opportunities for minor metals such as cobalt, lithium and rare earth elements used in the growing electric vehicle industry. In the past, KC worked on several projects focused on global cost analysis for clients in the energy and mining sector. These projects helped clients estimate capital costs and develop cost-effective procurement solutions for key materials and services. In addition to his work with clients, KC provides commodity market commentary to various news organizations including Bloomberg, Reuters, National Public Radio, Kitco Metals, Metal Bulletin and the American Metal Market.Mr. Chang received his M.A. in economics and his M.S. in statistics from the George Washington University. He also received his in finance and mathematics from McGill University.

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Amanda Eglinton

Ms. Eglinton provides price forecasts and market intelligence to enable smarter purchasing decisions and supply chain cost savings for buyers of steel pipe, stainless steel, nickel and other ferroalloys. She also participates in IHS Markit consulting projects as a steel subject matter expert. Prior to joining the Pricing and Purchasing team, Ms. Eglinton was responsible for providing market intelligence on the supply and demand of onshore pipelay contractors and line pipe as part of the IHS Markit Energy Cost and Technology group. She also has experience working as a research analyst for the Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) trading desk at Element Markets, a leading renewable energy company. Ms. Eglinton holds a masters of arts in applied economics from the University of Houston, and a bachelor of science in finance and economics from Saint Louis University.

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Michael Dall

He is responsible for the coverage of chemicals and plastic prices across Europe with an emphasis on forecasting. He also manages the relationship with several of the team's largest EMEA clients. Between 2013 and 2018 he was the lead economist at market analysts Barbour ABI, responsible for providing detailed coverage of the UK economy with specific focus on the construction sector. Before this he worked at GVA as an economist covering the residential and commercial property markets. Dall holds an undergraduate degree in Business Economics and a Master of Science in Economics from the University of Strathclyde.

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Deni Koenhemsi

Ms. Koenhemsi's previous areas of industry focus include healthcare, professional services and consumer goods. Prior to joining the company, she worked as a country risk economist at AIG and as a research assistant at the Center for Strategic and International Studies focused on Turkish economy and politics. Ms. Deni Koenhemsi received a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the University of Richmond, US, and a Master of Arts in International Economic Relations from American University, Washington, D.C., US.

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