List of Shipowners and Managers

Access a complete guide to shipowners, managers and their fleets.

Do you trust your ship listing data?

A single hardback volume, the List of Shipowners and Managers contains over 1,000 pages of ownership and ship list information. Expert verification of every entry, and a complimentary subscription to Shipowners Online for daily ship listing updates, enables oil companies, insurance and equipment firms to:

  • Access data on 100,000 ships, 24/7
  • Inform business decisions with official source data
  • Gain competitive advantage

What’s Included

Published annually in July, List of Shipowners and Managers includes:

  • 1,000+ pages of ownership/fleet data for 100 GT ships
  • Fleet info (ship type, flag, LR/IMO number, build year and GT)
  • Shipowners Online

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