Market Intelligence Network (MINT)

Gain a competitive edge in commodity market intelligence

Are your traders ahead of the curve on changes in supply/demand and commodity prices?

MINT gives traders the unique advantage by illustrating and quantifying commodity movements in real-time. Traders, analysts and charterers can immediately identify opportunities and monitor competitor/customer activities to improve trading results. Purchase MINT today to:

  • Aggregate exports/imports by country, region and port
  • Unique terminal/berth-level reporting unlocks the market intelligence
  • Monitor competitor and customer operations in real time
  • Optimize voyage economics to improve trading results


MINT revolutionizes physical commodity trading with these powerful features

  • Access comprehensive coverage of commodity carrying fleets: crude oil, refined petroleum products, coal, LNG, LPG, chemicals and agri/softs
  • View detailed vessel history including laden/ballast status and terminal-level activity
  • Build customized fleets and monitoring zones with real-time reporting and push alerts
  • Monitor ship-to-ship (STS) cargo transfer operations to complete the commodity flow picture
  • Analyze utilization statistics (time spent in ballast, laden, anchored) for individual vessels or entire fleets

More Trade, Bigger Ships

The maritime sector is at the center of world trade. As trade continues to expand, the shipping industry is poised for growth. To meet the demand, it is transitioning to much larger vessels, with the majority of them being built in China. Complicating matters is increased political violence at ports around the world and stricter environmental standards..

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