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Maritime Portal Desktop

Access the world’s most comprehensive shipping directory

Quickly locate all relevant data on a ship you are about to board or assist using Maritime Portal Desktop, the single most authoritative ship database on global merchant and military ships. An intuitive and user-friendly search engine promptly provides world ship registry information and imagery – simply type in the identification number or ships name.

  • Recognise and identify ships at sea
  • Classify encountered ships
  • Assess maritime risk factors
  • Recognise maritime picture


  • Unlimited advanced search capabilities
  • Save and load unlimited data queries
  • Two display variations
  • Filter your results list and export
  • Exportable data
  • Customised ship detail views
  • Night vision theme
Get instant access to critical data on every ship of 100 GT and above with Maritime Portal Desktop
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  • Access the shipping industries most trusted and comprehensive data to view details on the world’s fleet
  • Understand the complex 7 levels of ownership for ships including owners, operators and managers with links to shipbuilder information
  • Detailed information on ships:
    • Current and Historical Ownership & Registration
    • Safety and Certification
    • Inspections and Detentions
    • Construction
    • Dimensions
    • Cargo and Capacities
    • Machinery
    • Timeline of significant events
  • A comprehensive resource for all shipping professionals
  • Including 12 lines of contact details
  • Details on Owners:
    • Unique IMO Company Number
    • Addresses
    • Personnel
    • Fleet Size
  • Detailed ship builder information including fleet listings
  • Keep up to date with the latest builder news
  • Details on Builders:
    • Builder details
    • Shipyard information
    • Addresses
    • Built fleet
    • Orderbook
Non-Core and Naval Vessels
  • Access the shipping industries most trusted and comprehensive data to view details on the world’s fleet
  • A database of vessels below 100GT which sits alongside our Core maritime vessel data
  • Detailed information on ships:
    • Vessel below and above 100GT
    • A selection of non-ship units such as barges which are above 100GT
    • Non-merchant, non-propelled units
    • Other ship types: Fishing, Yacht, Pleasure Craft, Passenger, Sailing, Barges and Tugs
    • Naval/Military vessels
Sanctions & Compliance
  • Access to comprehensive maritime data sources helps effective risk assessment and strategic planning to minimize cost implications to your business
  • The Sanctions & Compliance data view provides data visualization of search results that can be exported for further analysis and assist in developing risk rating models.

Note: The data is a snapshot in-time, as this is an offline solution

Casualty & Events

Use multiple criteria to search and find comprehensive information on the incident itself, exact location, casualty group, severity, number of human casualties, types of piracy attack and much more.

Serious Casualties

A vessel incurring significant damage and/or withdrawn from service.

  • All sea going vessels over 100 GT
  • Comprehensive event detail including:
    • Date/time and exact location
    • Categorization of incident – collision, fire, sinking, mechanical failure etc.
    • Extent of damage to vessel
    • Human casualties and/or pollution
    • Voyage details and cargo carried
    • Salvage operation if applicable
    • Subsequent repairs if applicable

Non-Serious Casualties

Defined as vessel incurring minor damage with no significant out of service time.

  • Covering all vessel types
  • Same level of event detail as Serious Casualties

Piracy & Security Events

Security Related Events:

  • Hijacking
  • Boarding
  • Robbery (Including cargo theft)
  • Counter-Piracy
  • Kidnapping
  • Piracy Attack
  • Suspicious Approach

Pollution Events

Detailing type and extent of pollution, and subsequent clean-up operations, specifically covering incidents not resulting as a direct consequence of a ship casualty:

  • Accidental discharge by crew
  • Failure of bunkering/loading hoses
  • Overfilling of bunker tanks
  • Damage to jetties/shore installation

Note: IHS Markit has recorded serious and non-serious casualties for tankers since 1 January 1976. In addition, serious incidents have been recorded for other vessel types since 1978.

Ports and Terminals

The Ports and Terminals data combines comprehensive information with a powerful database offering first-rate functionality.

Detailed berths database, port plans, and unrivalled ports information for use both in vessel operations departments and onboard ships.

Features include:

  • Details on ports and terminals
  • Country information
  • Pre-arrival Information
  • Detailed tanker and dry cargo berth information
  • Port plans

Available Modules


MPD MPD Standard MPD Casualty MPD Sanctions & Compliance MPD Ports MPD Enhanced
Search, sort and export

IHS Markit’s Core vessels database 100GT & above

IHS Markit’s Non-core vessel database 100GT & below

Military vessels

Detentions & Inspections data

Capacities, Class, Tonnage, Cargo Type, Gear and Machinery details

Vessel Ownership (7 levels)

Provision to add client specific notes

Warship Capabilities and Weapon Systems

Specific Vessel Compliance Screening

Casualty & Event data

Port & Terminals data

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