Waterborne Live LPG

Access the premier choice for continuously updated waterborne LPG market data and analysis

Do you need a thorough understanding of global LPG market fundamentals?

Get liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) data and insights driven by detailed vessel-level information that is expert-vetted and available nowhere else. Continuous updates allow you to monitor the market as voyages unfold. Subscribe today to:

  • Identify trends as they’re developing
  • Drill down to vessel-specific detail only available from IHS
  • Track market fundamentals
  • Leverage expert proprietary analysis

Waterborne Live LPG

Identify Trends as They’re Developing
  • See changes in LPG flow patterns materialize with continuous data updates
  • Slice and filter data by source region and country; destination region and/or country; propane/butane/isobutene
  • Visualize data via built-in charting
  • Easily navigate to any combination of data
  • Rapidly filter to the specific data points you need
  • Drill down to vessel-specific records that underpin the data you’re viewing
  • Export to Excel™

LPG Volume by Source Country

Track Market Fundamentals
  • Spot prices
  • Consumption/inventory levels
  • VLGC freight rates for most trade routes
  • Netback tables

Freight Rates

Search Voyage Records
  • Source
  • Destination
  • Lifters/participants
  • C3 Volume
  • C4 Volume
  • iC4 Volume

LPG Daily Updates

Get Expert Proprietary Analysis
  • Insight into key trends
  • Market intelligence

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