Jane’s World Insurgency & Terrorism

Need to verify and validate non-state armed group intelligence? Need an impartial, independent perspective?

This resource delivers in-depth information and contextual analysis on 250+ non-state armed groups, in addition to offering at-a-glance briefings on immediate concerns and international incidents.

Reliable reference material and independent global analysis of active and dormant terrorist and insurgent groups helps you:

  • Track terrorist activity globally
  • Assess insurgent and terrorist threat levels
  • Understand the causes and effects of terrorism
  • Monitor shifts in doctrine, leadership and capabilities
  • Verify, validate and classify classified sources
  • Deliver more robust intelligence product

What’s Included

Threat Assessment

Analysts provide summary-level assessments of world terrorist and insurgent group threats, including:

  • Threat level
  • Group status
  • Group background and contextual analysis
  • Leadership aims and objectives
Operational Threat Analysis

Detailed insight into the mode of operations of non-state armed groups around the world, including analysis of:

  • Recent attacks
  • Claims of responsibility
  • Targeting and tactics
  • Personnel and recruitment
  • Operational preparedness
  • Limiting factors

Information on broader contexts provides bigger-picture perspective on how non-state armed groups operate nationally, transnationally and socially, including:

  • Sources of funding
  • Alliances
  • Sources of weapons
  • Organization/command structure
  • Political/religious affiliation
  • Propaganda techniques
  • Leader biographies
  • Group history

Twice yearly softbound

Offline Data Feed
Secure delivery via Intrasource or XML file download

Benefits include:

  • Immediate access to new and updated content
  • Dedicated content dashboard
  • Advanced search and results filtering
  • Content archive
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