Jane’s Weapons: Air-Launched

Understand air-launched weapons threats

Access in-depth data on weapons carried on the world's air platforms. Technical and program information helps military and security organizations with intelligence, planning and procurement, while market analysis enables A&D firms to execute effective marketing, strategy and product development.

Jane's Weapons: Air-Launched from IHS Markit helps you:

  • Assess technologies and capabilities
  • Conduct industry market research
  • Identify airborne weapons suppliers
  • Discover emerging defence needs
  • Evaluate competitors, partners and acquisition targets
  • Model air warfare threat scenarios

What’s Included

Data and Information

Profiles of 500+ airborne weapons in 140+ countries cover:

  • Technical details and capability descriptions
  • Functionality and operational parameters
  • Variants, upgrades and planned future enhancements
  • Operational status and worldwide user base
  • Combat records
  • Analysis of types, inventories and aircraft weapon loads
  • Photographs and diagrams
  • Suppliers and manufacturers
Weapon Types
  • Bombs
  • Precision-guided munitions
  • Air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles
  • Guns
  • Rockets
  • Mines
  • Depth charges
  • Torpedoes

Full-color yearbook

Offline Data Feed
Intrasource or XML file download

Benefits include:

  • Immediate access to new content
  • Advanced search and results filtering
  • Additional photographs and diagrams
  • Content archived from 2005 onwards
  • Inventory data
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