Jane’s Terrorism & Insurgency Centre Spatial Layer

Mitigate terrorist threats

Need to monitor global terrorism activities? Analyse data geospatially?

This intelligence resource delivers global non-state armed group events data from Jane's Terrorism & Insurgency Centre by IHS Markit as a geospatial layer that can be ingested into GIS systems for analysis and integration with related data layers.

This structured data helps you:

  • Quantify ongoing terrorist and insurgent threats
  • Monitor daily events in specific countries and regions
  • Recognize emerging risks and identify trends
  • Conduct visual data analysis, such as heat-mapping
  • Enhance reporting with visual outputs
  • Increase the utility of proprietary geospatial data

Who Uses It?

  • Intelligence analysts
  • Corporate strategic planners
  • GIS analysts

What’s Included


Geospatially enabled data providing worldwide coverage of non-state armed group and related events:

  • Global terrorist, insurgent and counter-terrorist events database
  • About 2,000 new events recorded, validated and processed monthly
  • Daily updates
Event Details

The database delivers a detailed geospatial view on the global terrorism and insurgency landscape, providing over 30 data and metadata fields, including:

  • Date
  • Event type
  • Target type
  • Groups involved
  • Casualties and fatalities
  • Damage scale
  • Counter-terrorist response
  • Geolocation
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