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Jane’s Terrorism & Insurgency Centre

Data. Trends. Insights. Global. Local. Daily.

An unsettled world of shifting and evolving social, political, and economic environments is giving rise to new actual and potential threats that security organizations must detect, understand, and counter.

Jane's Terrorism and Insurgency Centre (JTIC) is a structured, consistent, and comprehensive database of open source events related to non-state armed groups, with multiple fields of granular metadata that is updated on a daily basis. It provides insight and more in-depth analysis on global topics, going beyond events to explain the context and driving forces behind global unrest, insurgency, and terrorist activities.

  • Understand the threat environment with all key terrorist events covered, plus profiles of more than 290 non-state armed groups, their capabilities, doctrines, and leadership
  • Our rigorous methodology ensures the data and insight is objective, impartial, and reliable ensuring you can trust the conclusions you draw from our content
  • Data is gathered from multiple sources and double source verified, with each event ranked for significance, enabling analysts to work only with those data sets that are significant and reliable in order to support, validate, and declassify proprietary and classified sources
  • Exhaustive database of more than 250,000 terrorist and insurgent events back to 2009, updated daily events are covered systematically using a consistent and structured methodology
  • Qualitative analysis on events, non-state armed groups, national terrorist and insurgent risk factors
  • Militant propaganda analysis that offers technology combined with human expertise of language, subject, culture and region to provide the detailed 'so what' factor

What's Included

News & daily insight

Global news, analysis, and daily insight into terrorism and counter-terrorism events, trends, and developments are drawn from renowned Jane's national security news resources including:

Events database

Jane's Terrorism and Insurgency Centre's events database delivers non-state armed group events data that can be viewed as a list, chart or geospatial layer that can be ingested into GIS systems for analysis and integration with related layers.

  • Event date
  • Type
  • Significance
  • Region/country
  • Province
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Group family
  • Group name
  • Group scope
  • Group orientation
  • Group nationality
  • Group role
  • Civilians killed, wounded, detained
  • Security forces killed, wounded, detained
  • Suspects killed, wounded, detained
  • Non-militants killed, wounded
  • Total killed
  • Total wounded
  • Tactic
  • Scale
  • Platform
  • Weapon
  • Suicide attack
  • Target environment, sector, sub sector, object, nation
  • NSAG statement, medium, action type
Counter Terrorism (CT)
  • Operation type; environment
  • CT force; assets; statement type
  • Arms seized/destroyed
  • Formal charges; convictions; acquittals; extraditions; appeals; other restraining orders
Group profiles

Incorporating detailed data and analysis of more than 290 groups, Jane's Terrorism and Insurgency Centre provides you with the insight you need to develop a deep understanding of the capabilities, doctrine, and leadership of non-state armed groups operating across the globe.

Regularly updated, the group profiles provide data and analysis including:

  • Executive summary
  • Aims and objectives
  • Areas of operation
  • Alliances and rivalries
  • Operational methods
  • Leadership
  • Organisation and recruitment
  • Funding
  • Propaganda
  • Political activities
  • Campaign narrative
Global attack index and country briefings

The monthly global attack index by Jane's Terrorism and Insurgency Centre provides a holistic examination of the worldwide trends in violence by non-state armed groups over the previous month, to provide a truly global perspective.

The reports also focus in on a regional level to provide more nuanced analysis of key trends, events, and developments within the region and specific countries. For each region, a country assessed as experiencing significant or notable levels of non-state armed activity is then selected, assessed, and evaluated as a country briefing by our experts. Country briefings are produced for Iraq and Syria every month.

Militant propaganda analysis

Responding to quickly evolving militant communication strategies and outputs, Jane’s offers a dedicated stream of analysis on the use of a broad range of social media platforms by militant groups to communicate and spread propaganda. Militant-produced content in multiple languages is assessed by our unique network of native language terrorism experts, providing comprehensive coverage and insights into issues our analysts identify and assess as being of significant analytic value.

Jane’s offers ahead-of-the-curve insights on politically or ideologically motivated violence, helping you identify new trends and generate actionable intelligence to inform security assessments and broader strategic approaches to matters of countering violent extremism.

Core focus areas:

  • Social media narratives
  • Sentiment from various groups
  • Interpretation and understanding of militant messaging
  • Evolving extremist use of social media
  • Implications from a global perspective
Data Analytics

Using powerful data analytics, you can gain insight by militant group and country. Events data is updated daily, with more than 5,000 events added per month, so you can rest assured you are using up to date verified and validated connected data. Data within the dashboards can be further refined to show attacks against security forces and be exported to be added to your report.

View profiles of militant activity for the current year and five prior years. Gain insight into the most prolific militant group within your chosen country, view data by month, tactic, target, non-militants killed and weapon.

Gain an at a glance view of your selected group’s activity by events, weapons, tactics and targets. The tempo of attacks by year and month and the location of the attack is also tracked.

  • NSAG Attack Tracker: Iraq and Syria
  • NSAG Tactical and Targeting Trends
  • Global NSAG Attacks Explorer
Charts and Maps

Identify trends and patterns in militant activity with JTIC charts
Charts enable you to gain insight into the JTIC events data. Build your own charts based on your chosen criteria to understand trends and identify patterns in military activity. Charts can be exported as PDF or image files or exported to Excel to be added to your report.

Increase your situational awareness with mapping tools
When you view the JTIC events database as a geospatial layer you can quickly gain insight into militant activity in a country or region. Filter the data to view events by type, group, target, attack characteristics and casualties.

Online intelligence briefings

Subscribers to Jane's Terrorism and Insurgency Centre receive complimentary access to Jane's Online Intelligence Briefings. Delivering additional analysis, these 45-60 minute briefings provide an exclusive opportunity to delve more deeply into the most topical issues. Customers will be able to email questions to the Jane’s analysts for a period of one week following the intelligence briefing upload. The analysts team will provide a written answer within one working day.

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