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Jane’s Military & Security Assessments Intelligence Centre

Jane’s Military and Security Assessments Intelligence Centre from IHS Markit provides comprehensive open-source data and independent expert analysis on political stability, military capabilities, national security concerns, and international relations to give a strategic, operational and tactical understanding of the global threat landscape.

Jane’s Military & Security Assessments Intelligence Centre provides you with:

  • Authoritative intelligence on the world’s armies, navies, air and special forces including structure, materiel, order of battle, training, doctrine and strategy
  • Insight into country risk and threats to state stability
  • Comprehensive open-source threat landscape assessment
  • Coverage of over 190 states and territories for a view of the global landscape
  • Data that has been rigorously reviewed and cross-checked to ensure accuracy, reliability and utility


  • Intelligence analysis, briefing and reporting
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Horizon scanning
  • Scenario building
  • Strategy development
  • Planning
  • Risk analysis

What’s Included

Information and Analysis

Country Risk Assessments
Risk factors affecting 195 states and 74 territories, plus regional overviews

Military Capability Assessments
Over 3,000 reference articles on army, navy, air force and tri-service capabilities, strategic weapons systems, defence budgets, procurement and R&D

Scenarios and Case Studies
Examinations and projections of political and military conflict and uncertainty, with forecasts of potential outcomes and consequences

Image and Geospatial Analysis
Expert assessment of satellite imagery to provide critical independent context and insight

Country Analysis

Targeted insights into the key areas that affect a nation’s internal and external stability and security, incorporating the Jane’s Security: Country Risk module and covering:

  • Political issues
  • Security matters
  • Internal and external affairs
  • Geography
  • Demography
  • Infrastructure
  • Economy and resources
  • Non-state armed groups
Capability Assessments

Impartial, independent assessments of worldwide military capabilities, providing full access to content in the Jane’s Security: Military Capabilities module:

  • Army, navy, air force and tri-service capabilities
  • Strategic weapons systems
  • Defence budgets
  • Procurement and R&D
  • Materiel inventories
News and Daily Insight

Around 180 news, analysis and daily insight articles per week, covering key security, risk and state stability issues and developments from around the world, from the Jane’s Security:News and Jane’s Defence:News modules.

Data Analytics Module

Jane’s Data Analytics Modules deliver filtering, data visualization, and graphics export capabilities which are genuinely intuitive and very simple to use. Each module contains a number of interactive dashboards which support faster, more effective analysis and knowledge sharing.

The Data Analytics Module is available as an add-on capability for Jane’s Military and Security Assessments Intelligence Centre incorporating a range of analytics dashboards that enable you to explore risk ratings and inventories around the world including:

  • Risk Ratings Explorer
  • Land Vehicle Inventories Explorer
  • Military Personnel Analysis Tool
  • Naval Inventories Explorer
  • Aircraft Inventories Explorer
Online Intelligence Briefings

Customers to Jane’s Military and Security Assessments Intelligence Centre receive complimentary access to Jane’s Online Intelligence Briefings. Delivering additional analysis, these 45-60 minute briefings provide an exclusive opportunity to delve more deeply into the most topical issues.

Customers will be able to email questions to the Jane’s analysts for a period of one week following the intelligence briefing upload. The analyst team will provide a written answer within one working day.

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