Jane’s International Defence Review

Monitor global defense technology

Jane's International Defence Review from IHS Markit offers the latest news and analysis on international defense technologies, equipment, platforms, and systems for air, land, and sea. It delivers timely expert analysis of emerging defense equipment and systems.

Jane's International Defence Review helps you:

  • Discover the latest technological advances
  • Gain perspective on current developments
  • Compare products and systems
  • Conduct market research
  • Stay abreast of competitor activity

What’s Included

News & Analysis

Equipment Profiles
Impartial independent analysis of defence systems worldwide

Upgrades Analysis
Updates on equipment and system modernization, Enhancement programs for armed forces equipment currently in service

Special Features

  • Military doctrine and training
  • Industry profiles
  • Global defense program news
Editorial Coverage
  • Military R&D
  • Acquisition programs
  • Upgrades
  • Electronics, sensors and communications
  • Weapon systems
Additional Resources Formats

12 issues a year

Intrasource or XML data feed

Benefits include:

  • Immediate access to new content
  • Dedicated content dashboard
  • Advanced searching and results filtering

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