Jane’s Intelligence Review

Base security decisions on the most reliable insight

Each month our analysts focus on the world’s most important, significant, and topical areas of national and international security interest to bring you detailed independent IMINT, news, and insight to broaden, deepen or validate your understanding of the worldwide security picture.

Jane’s Intelligence Review from IHS Markit enables you to:

  • Assess commercial and military vulnerability
  • Monitor changes to national risk and threat levels
  • Understand the context behind the headlines
  • Base critical decisions on authoritative insight

What’s Included

  • Terrorism, insurgency and non-state armed groups
  • International security
  • State stability
  • Serious and organized crime
  • Proliferation and procurement
  • Intelligence Community Digest - News developments affecting global intelligence community, including legal frameworks, oversight, service mergers, operations, personnel changes and more.
  • Cyber - Cyber-warfare; cyber-espionage; use of cyberspace for propaganda and operations; cyber-crime; emergence of new technology and platforms.
  • OSINT Analytics - Analysis of developments in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) analytics, either topical or technology/platforms with security focus.
  • Terrorism and Insurgency - Jane’s Terrorism & Insurgency Centre brief and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) summary of extremist activity on social media.
  • Outlook - Analysis of possible global security flashpoints and upcoming international events.

Magazine - 12 issues a year

Offline - IntraSource or XML data feed

Online - Immediate access to new content, archived content from 1989 onwards, content dashboard, map interface for region and country browsing.


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