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Intelligence Events

Security organizations are facing an increasingly volatile environment, where shifting and evolving social, political, and economic environments are giving rise to new actual and potential threats.

Insight into events that could be indicators of future violent or unstable situations, both supports threat assessment and increases situational awareness. All events are supported by multiple sources and are identified and collected against risk indicator guidance, following a strict process for inclusion.

Why choose Intelligence Events?

  • Access a database of more than 400,000 global events which impact risk or security
  • Be alerted to indicators of potential future situations
  • Uncover trends and patterns to support threat assessment
  • Share findings with allies and partners, as all events are gathered from open-sources with zero classification

What’s included

Events database
  • Covering more than 400,000 risk relevant events of no more than 150 characters
  • Events are flagged according to the relevant meta-data fields
  • Database is updated daily and goes back to 2009
  • Events can be viewed as a list, chart or geospatial layer
  • Events are covered systematically using a consistent and structured methodology
Types of events captured

Intelligence Events captures a vast array of events from all over the world on a number of themes and topics including:

Non State Actions

  • Protests and Riots
    • Peaceful March
    • Riot
    • Arson Attack
    • Roadblock
    • Occupation
  • Labour Strikes
    • Work to Rule
    • Walkout
    • Blockade
    • Arson Attack
    • Boss napping
  • Serious and Organized Crime
    • Assassination
    • Extortion
    • Armed Attack

State Actions

  • Protest and Riots
    • Arrest
    • Violent Response
  • Labour Strikes
    • Arrest
    • Violent Response
  • Serious and Organized Crime
    • Seizure of drugs or weapons
    • Arrest
    • Preventive Measures
  • Government Instability
    • Government Reshuffle
    • Policy Change
  • Institutional Failure
    • Failure of Security Forces
    • Failure of Infrastructure
  • Inter-State War
    • Threat of Inter-State War
    • Act of War

Bribery and corruption

Using Intelligence Events with JTIC

By interrogating the events within Intelligence Events alongside those in Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre (JTIC), you will gain a truly comprehensive view of the situation in your area of interest.

JTIC Events

These events are captured against a specific definition where an incident in which a sub-state actor (either an individual or organization) commits an illegal act of politically or ideologically motivated violence against persons or property, with the aim of coercing others to adopt or comply with its objectives, or to submit to their authority.

Intelligence Events

Intelligence Events - These events do not meet the criteria for inclusion in the terrorism database. They are events where state representatives are specifically involved, for example a police response to a riot or protest. Or an action carried out by a non-state actor, either an individual or group.

Expertise and methodology

Intelligence Events provides open source intelligence using data that is collected from multiple sources.

Risk relevant events are identified and collected against risk indicator guidance and translated from relevant local input language. Events are manually inputted into the database, with each event subject to a strict process for inclusion. This enables analysts to work only with those data sets that are significant and reliable in order to support, validate, and declassify proprietary and classified sources.

Our analysts, who are acutely aware of the difficulties inherent in the use of open source information, apply a rigorous methodology to the gathering and processing of open source data. This enables them to mitigate potential pitfalls, allowing them to provide assurance to our customers, that they can trust the conclusions they draw from Jane’s data and insight.

Content delivery

Intelligence Events content is available in multiple formats to align with user workflows. Online access provides users with instant access to the very latest content, with new content and updates available immediately.

Offline access delivers the same content via disc or ftp site in a way that enables you to integrate data and information quickly and easily into other systems, intranets, models and simulations.

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