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Widely regarded as the most trusted and respected source for defense and security news, this global military news resource delivers impartial independent insight into developments in equipment and technology, geopolitics, armed forces, markets, and business.

Jane's Defence Weekly from IHS Markit helps you:

  • Monitor events in your regions of interest
  • Track emerging defence systems and platform programs
  • Keep abreast of ongoing military activity
  • Understand industrial and technological developments
  • Assess competitor activity

What’s Included

News & Daily Insight

Around 300 articles per month delivering:

  • News of emerging developments
  • Analysis of defence trends
  • Briefings
  • Features
  • Budget and forecast analysis
  • Interviews with military, political and business leaders

Global coverage of the latest developments in defence and security issues, including:

  • Equipment and technology
  • Military exercises and operations
  • Budgets and spending
  • Procurements, programs and forecasts
  • Industry and markets
  • State stability and security

Weekly print and digital editions

Intrasource or XML data feed

Benefits include:

  • Immediate access to new content
  • Dedicated content dashboard
  • Map interface for region and country browsing
  • Advanced search and results filtering
  • Content archived from 1988 onwards
Digital Edition

The digital edition is designed to complement the print and online/offline formats. Downloaded automatically to your computer, tablet or smart phone on publication, it is an exact digital replica of the print magazine that allows subscribers to search specific topics, companies or news stories, access results in a clear, concise format, and view content using Flash reader, PDF or text-based e-reader format, allowing you to:

  • Highlight text with interactive marker
  • Add electronic notes to articles
  • Sort by topic and name across multiple digital subscriptions
  • Access related online resources

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