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The global defence market is worth about USD1.8 trillion over the next decade, and although there is a steady increase there is a lot of turbulence under the surface. Traditional partnerships are being eroded, and emerging producers are looking to meet both domestic and international requirements, leading to intensifying competition.

Jane's by IHS Markit delivers best in class forecasting through data driven identification of global market opportunities. By applying a rigorous bottom up methodology with fully documented sources, comments, and assumptions, our analysts ensure you can confidently divert time and resources away from data gathering and into critical analysis and decision making.

Jane's Markets Forecast from IHS Markit enables you to:

  • Identify and capture new opportunities with data driven forecasts which allow you to uncover market growth
  • Stay ahead of the competition with expert assessments of global contract opportunities that are yet to be announced
  • Analyse market trends and drivers to shape your go-to-market strategy

What’s Included

Data & Analysis

10 year forecasts
Global forecasts are updated monthly, capturing more than 150 data elements per record in more than 20 markets. With over 85,000 records contained in Markets Forecast, that’s 10M data points to support opportunity identification.

Stated and derived opportunities
Jane’s analysts assess capabilities, inventories, and strategic requirements to derive potential future programmes, in addition to documenting programmes that have already been awarded.

Platform, system, and mission level drill downs
Analyse top level programme forecasts or drill down to sub-system level.

Reliable bottom up methodology
Jane’s rigorous bottom up methodology with fully documented sources, comments, and analyst assumptions, ensures you can confidently divert time and resources away from data gathering and into critical analysis and decision making.


Markets Forecast is built up from thousands of exhaustively detailed records, covering thousands of programmes, across hundreds of contractors. Its worldwide coverage enables you to carry out extensive programme analysis at a global, regional, and national level.

Markets covered:

  • Military Aircraft
  • Commercial Aircraft
  • Military Ground Vehicle
  • Military Ship
  • Spacecraft
  • C2
  • C3
  • C4ISR
  • EM
  • EO/IR
  • ISR
  • Military Communications
  • Radar
  • Sonar
  • Missiles
  • Precision Guided Weapons
  • Launchers
  • Services
  • Simulation
  • Simulation and Training
  • Intelligence
  • Cyber
Advanced System
  • Air and Missile Defence
  • Anti-Sub Warfare
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Unmanned Systems
Data Manipulation & Visualisation

Guided Navigation

Guided navigation within Markets Forecast enables you to access the data you need quickly and easily. Market lenses enable you to focus your research by market, location, system, opportunity, subsystem, or company, ensuring that all filters you are presented with are directly relevant to your current search. Guided Navigation is currently available as a BETA version, traditional charts and programme data access methods remain fully operational.


You can translate forecast data into area, or bar charts and export them for inclusion in reports and offline data manipulation.

The charts within Markets Forecast enable you to gain valuable insights into market opportunities quickly and easily. The ability to display multiple charts and change both the axis and grouping of your chart, enables you to show the data that is most relevant to you.

Quarterly Focused Topic Reports

Leveraging Jane’s unmatched procurement forecast content, each quarter we generate a unique report based of a set of highly focused questions around a current topic of high interest. Our Markets Forecast database is then used to quantitatively answer those questions, delivering a Tableau based report that is both insightful and relevant to the global defence industry.

Our report compiles each of these product elements (topic, questions, results) into a Tableau dashboard that allows users to view questions and results in several ways:

1. Quarterly Focused Topic Report (Full) – The complete version of each quarter’s focused report specifically addressing overall industry (non-proprietary) needs. Available for purchase to both subscribing and non-subscribing clients of Jane’s Market Forecast. Delivered via e-mail using Go Anywhere, displayable via Tableau Reader.

2. Quarterly Focused Topic Report (Excerpt) – An insightful, introductory excerpt from the full, complete version of each quarter’s focused report. Available free of charge to current subscribers to any current market offered within Jane’s Market Forecast. Accessible via Markets Forecast landing page, displayable via Tableau Reader.

Custom Reports

A Markets Forecast customised report is highly similar to full quarterly focused topic reports but where product elements (topic, questions, and desired results) address specific needs of a single client.

Custom reports are available for purchase by both subscribing and non-subscribing clients of Jane’s Market Forecast. Delivered via email using Go Anywhere, displayable via Tableau Reader. Custom reports are deemed proprietary in nature and hence delivered solely, exclusively to the sponsoring client.

Content Delivery

Markets Forecast content is available in multiple formats to align with user workflows. Online access provides users with instant access to the very latest content, with new content and updates available immediately.

Online Intelligence Briefings

Subscribers to Markets Forecast receive complimentary access to Jane’s Online Intelligence Briefings. Delivering additional analysis, these briefings provide an exclusive opportunity to delve more deeply into the most topical issues. Expert analysts deliver 45-60 minutes of insight finishing with a Q&A forum during which they respond to specific questions posed by attendees.

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