Jane’s Defence Equipment and Technology Intelligence Centre

Jane's Defence Equipment and Technology Intelligence Centre from IHS Markit provides detailed specifications across the world's land, air and sea platforms, weapons, C4ISR systems and CBRNE & EOD equipment. Together with technical, operational and commercial insight Jane's equipment information offers the world's only resource for a complete overview of military capability.

Jane's Defence Equipment & Technology Intelligence Centre enables you to:

  • Use technical, operational and commercial news to support key activities
  • Derive essential insight through independent expert analysis
  • Stay at the forefront of developments
  • Research markets
  • Partner, team and acquire
  • Strategise and plan
  • Develop products and technologies

What's Included

Data, Information & Analysis

Equipment & Technology Profiles
Detailed program and technical data and information on tens of thousands of equipment and technology platforms, weapons and systems in service and under development globally.

Executive Overviews
Annual reviews and forward-looking analysis of international defence sectors

Special Reports
Examination of key issues affecting the defence landscape

Structured Data
Newly structured data sets, including inventories and equipment specifications, that can be easily ingested into third-party platforms such as intranets, models, simulators and C2 systems

Company Directory
Details of 10,000+ AandD companies, including contact details, key personnel, products and business focus

News & Insight Equipment Explorer

Foreign military sales, international manufacturing licences, and diverse upgrade programmes, have led to a massive proliferation of model types and variants with-in families of weapon systems. Identifying the distinct capabilities and signatures of these variants is a challenge to both industry and national security communities.

Equipment Explorer (Beta) is an interactive tool which allows customers to visually explore, and link to platform "families" in order to quickly distinguish between models and variants. Equipment Explorer will save you time by speeding up the identification of system variants.

Pop-up specification tables also help you to identify the major characteristics of systems, while embedded links enable quick and easy access to system profiles for in-depth analysis, data, and imagery.

Defence Insight Reports

Jane's Defence Insight Reports integrate news, analysis, reference and forecasting content on a subject-by-subject basis to provide subscribers with exclusive additional insights into defence issues of particular global or topical significance.

Combining expertise from across the IHS Markit Aerospace Defence and Security product set, these high-value reports represent a convergence of IHS Markit capabilities that includes:

  • Budget and market forecasting
  • Procurement program analysis
  • Equipment and technology assessment
  • Industrial analysis
Data Analytics Module

Jane's Data Analytics Modules deliver filtering, data visualization, and graphics export capabilities which are genuinely intuitive and very simple to use. Each module contains a number of interactive dashboards which support faster, more effective analysis and knowledge sharing.

The Data Analytics Module is available as an add-on capability for Jane's Defence Equipment & Technology Intelligence Centre incorporating a range of analytics dashboards that enable capability and capability gap analysis, threat assessment, market analysis and competitive analysis including:

  • Fighting Ships Explorer
  • Aircraft Variants and Families
  • Specification Analysis
  • Equipment Comparison Tool
  • Parametric Search Tool
Online Intelligence Briefings

These weekly online seminars delve more deeply into topical issues. Available with Jane's Intelligence Centres, Modules and Jane's DS Forecast, they include:

  • 30-45 minutes of live defence and security briefing
  • 15-30 minutes of QandA with analysts
  • Additional sessions to address breaking events
  • Archive of downloadable materials and recordings

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