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Jane’s Defence Budgets

Jane's Defence Budgets applies a unique methodology to deliver a macro-level analysis of national defence spending around the world. Covering 105 countries accounting for 99% of global defence spend, it provides a 20-year view with 10 years of historical analysis alongside 10 years of forecast, to deliver critical insight into the current and future size, shape, and capabilities of the world's key military powers.

Jane's Defence Budgets provides:

  • Top-down national budget forecasts
  • Analysis by force, activity, and spend type (including procurement and RDT&E budgets)
  • Key economic indicators
  • Visualisation and comparison tools
  • A standardised view of global defence expenditure

What's Included

Data, forecast, and analysis

Defence budgets from 105 countries, accounting for 99% of all global defence spending. All countries are updated within 24 hours of budget release and at least twice a year, with key markets updated more frequently.

Budget Forecasts
10-year projections of global defence budgets

Historical Data
10 years of contextual historical data

Budgetary Analysis
"Budget in Full" files for each country provide detailed information on defence budget trends, drivers, and analytical assumptions.

Economic indicators
The following economic indicators are included for each country's budget:

  • GDP
  • GDP growth
  • Inflation
  • Total defence budget
  • Total defence budget as a percentage of GDP

Jane's analysts apply a standardised methodology for assessing and forecasting defence expenditure. Each national defence budget is split into four service components:

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Defence Wide

And five standard functional components:

  • Procurement
  • Research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E)
  • Military personnel
  • Operations and maintenance (O&M)
  • Other
A unique network of experts

As part of IHS Markit, Jane's is uniquely positioned to draw on the expertise of more than 5,000 analysts across 11 industries. Jane's analysts use this extensive network, alongside a range of open sources to deliver accurate, reliable budget and forecast data.

Major sources:

US defence budget coverage

Jane's offers unrivalled coverage of the US defence budget. From unique data analytics mining thousands of data points to breaking news on budget release day, from detailed Excel datasheets to online Intelligence Briefings, Jane's has all angles covered.

Jane's US defence budget coverage contains several elements that are released throughout the annual DoD budgetary cycle, including:

  • 7 rapid reaction market reports, released within 48 hours of the budget.
  • 7 in-depth market reports, released within one month of the budget.
  • Interactive analysis of US DoD procurement budget data (P-40 budget exhibits extracted from an amalgamated P-1 data set within one week of budget release.)
  • Interactive analysis of the budget from a strategic perspective, showing funding and production schedules at a contractor and/or location level using P-5 Cost Analysis, P-5a Procurement History & Planning and P-21 Production Schedule exhibits
  • Budget outlay database, containing in-depth analysis of the DoD Future Years Defense Program (FYDP), this database displays top down US DoD budget data for over 2,100 Programs, Projects and Activities (PPAs)
  • Rolling news and analysis
  • Series of online intelligence briefings throughout the budget cycle
  • Overarching US Defence Budgets Tableau dashboard permitting real-time detailed analysis of DoD Budget by 10 attributes
In-depth reports

Jane's Defence Budgets team provide a series of reports throughout the year, which explore defence spending trends.

Budget in Full reports
Available for each country, these reports provide detailed information on defence budget trends, drivers, and analytical assumptions

Quarterly reports
Quarterly reports provide in-depth analysis of factors affecting regional defence spending dynamics.

Annual reports
End of year report pulling together annual global trends and regional analysis.

Data visualisation and reporting

Custom charting
User customisable bar charts to enable visualisation of complex data sets.

Export functionality
Charts, tables, spreadsheets, and documents are easily exported for print and offline manipulation

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