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Efficiently manage deals from start to finish on our secure centralized online platform - IssueLaunch

The IssueLaunch platform consolidates real-time communication of deal terms between banks and all involved parties in an organized and compliant format.

Our deal management system is a business communication tool that allows banks and all parties involved to work together in real-time to set up deals. IssueLaunch ensures deal terms are communicated to sales, other banks and investors in an organized and compliant format.

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Deals published in 2020

Over 90%

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55+ Banks


IssueLaunch is a business communication tool that consolidates real-time communication of deal terms between all involved parties in an organized and compliant format.

It integrates seamlessly with IssueNet and IssueBook to deliver a full suite of syndication services. Below are some of the functions and communication tools available in IssueLaunch:

  • Create deals and craft deal terms for distribution to the buy-side with deal management and online collaboration tools
  • Send messages at all stages of the transaction, from mandate announcement to free-to-trade
  • Distribute to the buy-side in accordance with the KYC process and protocols, as well as the terms of the offering and relevant regulations
  • Enable deals through our electronic ordering system and allow buy-side to place orders directly with sales to syndicate and receive allocations
  • Maintain a permanent record of deal terms in a secured document repository
  • Keep a full audit trail of all created and distributed deal terms
  • Integration with CUSIP Bureau for automated receipt of security identifiers
  • Access full suite of syndication services via seamless connectivity with IssueNet and IssueBook

Create Business Deals

  • Streamline IssueNet deal creation
  • Set up deal terms once and sync them to IssueNet and IssueBook
  • Dynamically generate buy-side distribution list based on offering format and selling restrictions.
  • Terms can be sent to the buy-side DealMonitor or taken as a direct feed into buy-side systems

Streamline deal creation and improve deal productivity with IssueLaunch
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  • Engage in syndicate-to-syndicate collaboration on deal terms in real time
  • Securely publish terms and conditions to internal and external DealMonitor users
  • Enable deals for InvestorAccess with one click

Securely publish deal information to DealMonitor users
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Products and Solutions

  • IssueNet

    A unique network of member banks linked by web-based technology that synchronizes deal and order book information between syndicate desks.

  • IssueLaunch

    Our deal terms communication tool ensures that banks and all other parties involved can work together in real time to set up deals and communicate the terms to sales, other banks, and investors in an organized, compliant format.
  • IssueBook

    From origination through marketing to book build, allocation, and settlement: IssueBook streamlines and centralizes book building for the fixed income new issuance process.
  • Japanese Dashboard 2.0

    Centralized, auditable platform for Japanese retention transactions, enabling smooth execution of deal communication.

    Japanese Version

  • InvestorAccess / Buyside Services

    Communication of orders between buyside portfolio managers and traders directly via their OMS provider.
  • DealMonitor

    A web portal for buyside investors to view, interact, order, and receive allocations with new issues available in the market.
  • Primary Indication Management (PIM)

    Communication of orders between buyside portfolio managers and traders directly via DealMonitor.
  • DealServices API

    Consume deal data internally
  • FIX Connectivity

    Order placement via FIX for OMS, EMS, & Proprietary Built Systems
  • ComplianceWorkstation / Audit feed

    Monitoring of primary market activity conducted by traders and portfolio managers.
  • IssuerView

    Direct access for the issuing party of a new transaction, showing a live view of the demand for their offering. (Coming Q1 2021)


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