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ISDA Amend

Share ISDA master agreements and amend with one time-saving online platform tool

ISDA Amend is a joint service provided by IHS Markit and the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. Through ISDA Amend, swap dealers and their customers can engage on a secure online platform. Customers can classify their trading entities, and exchange protocol questionnaires to efficiently amend ISDA master agreements to facilitate regulatory compliance requirements for Dodd-Frank and EMIR.

Additionally, counterparties can make regulatory self-declarations necessary to comply with jurisdictional regulatory requirements for areas such as trade clearing and trade reporting. ISDA Amend 2.0's expanded existing functionality enables you to address uncleared margin rules and other regulatory requirements, including ISDA Self-Disclosure Letter, Variation Margin Protocol and the Jurisdictional Modular Protocols. ISDA Amend is provided to buyside users on a no fee basis.

Key benefits:

  • Manage KYC and tax obligations - Supports KYC & Tax validation and process management and enables compliance with more rigorous KYC obligations imposed by regulators
  • Extensive network of counterparties – Benefit from the global network of banks, brokers, and buysides. Join this established and rapidly growing online community for effective access to broker/dealer, institutional investor and other trade counterparties.
  • Quick time to market – Facilitates the fast and efficient exchange of thousands of bilateral agreements. Standardized, automated collection and delivery of ISDA amendments significantly reduces the time taken currently to amend ISDA Master Agreements and establish new trading relationships.
  • Reduce costs - Simple to use, online platform to upload, update and disseminate counterparty documentation. Enables you to streamline back-office document management processes and reduce associated costs.

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ISDA Amend 2.0

ISDA Amend 2.0 expands the platform’s current functionality to address:

ISDA Self-Disclosure Letter

The ISDA Regulatory Margin Self-Disclosure Letter is intended to assist you with the exchange of the necessary information to determine if and when your trading relationship will become subject to regulatory margin requirements for non-cleared derivatives in Canada, the European Union, Japan, Switzerland and the United States. The Letter will be expanded to cover additional jurisdictions that may be subject to the margin requirements in due course.

Variation Margin (VM) Protocol

The Variation Margin Protocol is designed to help you comply with new rules on margin for uncleared swaps, by providing a scalable solution to amend derivatives contract documentation with multiple counterparties. The Protocol addresses documentation changes necessary to comply with the variation margin requirements that will apply to a large number of market participants in various jurisdictions from March 2017.

ISDA Jurisdictional Modular Resolution Stay Protocol (ISDA JMP)

The ISDA Jurisdictional Modular Resolution Stay Protocol (ISDA JMP) enables parties to comply with new restrictions on termination rights in financial contracts. Each Jurisdictional Module of the ISDA JMP is aimed at facilitating compliance with regulations in a different jurisdiction. ISDA Amend 2.0, in conjunction with the ISDA JMP, allows you to make certain elections related to a Jurisdictional Module and to inform counterparties of relevant adherence information, such as the capacity in which you have adhered (as an entity subject to applicable regulations, as a counterparty to such entities or both), which parties you choose to amend your third-country law financial arrangements with and which underlying funds or principals you have adhered on behalf of, as applicable.

UK (PRA Rule) Jurisdictional Module to the ISDA Jurisdictional Modular Resolution Stay Protocol

This module enables you to comply with the Prudential Regulation Authority's (UK PRA) final rule on contractual stays in financial contracts governed by third-country law (PRA 2015/82) (UK PRA Stay Rule). Entities subject to the UK PRA Stay Rule must amend 'third-country law' financial arrangements with counterparties so that their counterparties agree to be bound by stays on or overrides of termination rights under the UK Banking Act if such entities enter UK bank resolution proceedings.

German Jurisdictional Module to the ISDA Resolution Stay Jurisdictional Modular Protocol

This module enables you to comply with Section 60a of the German Recovery and Resolution Act (German Legislation). Entities subject to the German Legislation must obtain from certain counterparties a contractual recognition of the application of stays on termination in financial contracts governed by the law of a 'third country' (a jurisdiction other than that of a member of the European Union) or with a place of venue in a third country.

Japanese Jurisdictional Module to the ISDA Resolution Stay Jurisdictional Modular Protocol

This module enables you to comply with the amendments to the Comprehensive Guidelines issued by Japanese Financial Services Agency regarding contractual stays in certain financial contracts governed by non-Japanese law (Japanese Regulation). Entities subject to the Japanese Regulations will require certain counterparties to include a contractual stay in certain contracts governed by non-Japanese law and as specified in the Japanese Regulation.


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