Released Irish Seismic Data

Minimize drilling risk and downtime in Ireland with detailed seismic data

Are you ready for Europe's biggest frontier opportunity?

As the official agent for Ireland's Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources, IHS Markit offers 200,000km of 2D and twenty-five 3D released seismic data from offshore and onshore Ireland seismic surveys. With coverage of all major prospective basins, you can:

  • Access all available released seismic
  • Understand regional structure and source / reservoir distribution
  • Evaluate acreage
  • Generate prospects
  • Asses risk
  • Map faults and horizons
  • Identify hydrocarbon indicators such as gas chimneys
  • Analyze play fairways


Application Integration

Directly load seismic into workstation interpretation software. IHS Markit can provide data preloaded into software from Kingdom by IHS Markit, shortening the exploration workflows and reducing data loading time

  • Industry standard SEG-Y
  • Post stack and migrated data
  • Reconstructed where original digital data not available
  • Navigation loaded to trace headers
  • Deliverable in Kingdom projects on demand

Released seismic data is available for all of Ireland's prospective basins.

Format & Delivery
  • Available digitally in SEGY or hardcopy (and in Kingdom format upon request)
  • Offered on a per-line and per-survey basis
  • Delivered via FTP, DVD or USB hard drive

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