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PharmOnline International (POLI)

Set the optimal pharmaceutical product price and identify pricing opportunities across the product life cycle

Pressed to make informed global pharmaceutical pricing decisions? Need to negotiate or defend the price and reimbursement of your product, or explore pricing strategies and opportunities?

POLI is the leading global pharmaceutical pricing database trusted by pricing executives, payors and associations around the world. This highly intuitive tool and data browser allows you to make one-click comparisons of drug prices, costs, launch timelines and reimbursement across 80 countries. With advanced business reporting tools and analytics, POLI provides unparalleled insights into key pricing drivers, impact of generics, biosimilars and parallel trade, launch sequence analysis, pricing opportunities, and defensive pricing strategies.

POLI can be used to:

  • Analyze and monitor the competitive pricing environment
  • Determine and optimize initial pricing and launching sequence
  • Determine optimum post-Loss of Exclusivity (LoE) strategy and pricing opportunities
  • Support dossier submissions and pricing negotiations
  • Assess business impact of International Reference Pricing (IRP) and other P&R events
  • View aggregate indicators and analytics, broken down by therapeutic class or product classification
  • Compare and chart pharmaceutical prices and costs at current prices or over time
  • Improve/compare market access and time-to-market strategies
  • Create strategic pharmaceutical pricing, launch sequence and IRP models

What’s Included


Easily make cross-country P&R comparisons across more than 80 developed and emerging markets. Our data uses a consistent methodology across each market.

  • Ex-factory, wholesale, pharmacy and retail prices
  • Therapeutic areas
  • Company portfolio insight
  • Historical pharma pricing data
  • Time-to-market and reimbursement rate data
  • Indication-specific cost data based on detailed assumptions on induction/maintenance dosing, average duration of use, average weight/body surface area and more
  • Indication-specific HTA/reimbursement data, including the clinical data used to support dossier submissions and tracking clinical trials of future therapies

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  • Aggregate analytics on time-to-launch, launch sequence, reimbursement levels, average price cuts, and impact of generics
  • Aggregate analytics on therapeutic classes, orphan disease products, breakthrough therapies, parallel traded products, generics, branded generics, biosimilars, vaccines, medical devices and more
  • Monthly editorial bulletins from our pricing experts on new price trends, impact of new products, and analysis of ongoing strategic themes
  • Advanced charting functionality of price histories and current price comparisons
  • Bespoke saved searches of your selected products or analytics to build reports
  • Email notifications instantly informing you of price changes
  • Daily currency conversion
  • Direct links to sources
  • Data browser to create bespoke analytics
  • Expert Access: Timely response and assistance from our team of pricing and reimbursement country analysts and health economic experts
Delivery Options

Maximize your subscription content with IHS Markit Connect – our online customer platform. Connect is a one-stop solution for data searching and discovery, charting, downloading and saving for future use.

  • Filter by price change time periods
  • Full “and, or, not” Boolean logic available
  • Column customization and sorting
  • Save searches and view preferences
  • Download price history in time series
  • Month-on-month data makes trend analysis much easier
  • Convert local currency prices to 80 different currencies, with daily rates
  • Price change email alerts list which geographies and presentations have seen price changes, and in which direction
  • Indicators from raw prices for price trends, time to market and reimbursement list size (for full 80-country subscribers)

Our API delivers data continuously and reliably directly into your workflow.

  • Representational State Transfer Application Programming (REST) API makes data available via URL addresses (or ‘endpoints’)
  • Provides a foundation on which to build databases, charts, websites, visualizations and CSV files, plus facilities to query and lookup specific data
  • Offers the simplest approach to application integration:
    • Access to the API is instantaneous
    • Provides an interactive web environment for developers to explore API features and review technical documentation
    • Developers can test the API calls interactively in a browser
  • 24/7 monitoring and support is provided
  • Scales horizontally for both datasets and clients, ensuring it can meet present and future demand
  • Built for consistent speed, with carefully selected technologies to ensure the best possible performance

IDDS offers tailored data feeds featuring continuous updating and seamless delivery.

  • Internet Data Delivery System (IDDS) delivers fixed data updates in CSV or XML format to the IHS Markit web servers in real time
  • Metadata includes economic concept, geography, source and frequency
  • Updates pull in data changes only, optimizing load speed
  • Data updates can be scheduled

Solve Your Business Challenge

Challenge Solution
I need to track pharmaceutical pricing across countries and develop pharmaceutical pricing and launch sequencing strategies. Make one-click price comparisons across 80 developed and emerging markets.
I need to understand competitor pricing in different countries. Get continually updated data on pricing, market entrants, approvals and P&R listings.
I need to forecast future price swings and pricing opportunities Access historical price data to follow disease area trends, compare product/therapeutic area P&R status, and time-to-market access.
I need to understand comparative time-to-market and reimbursement trends. Access average to approval, reimbursement time and time to launch for individual drugs, therapeutic areas, or countries.


Gustav Ando

Mr. Ando oversees the development of IHS Markit's global healthcare outlook analysis that focuses on market access, cost of healthcare and new treatment advances as well as coordinating its ongoing thinking on COVID-19. He heads the research and data teams that produce daily analysis, risk assessment and critical data for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the consulting team that focuses on disease prevention, workforce and demand healthcare microsimulation models. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, he is a regular speaker at conferences and is frequently cited by major media publications and national radio and television programs. He is the author and podium presenter of research at numerous academic conferences such as ISPOR. Mr Ando also oversees our global comparative industry group which provide critical long-term forecast perspectives across all industries around the world, as well as our specialised global constructrion group. Mr. Ando holds a postgraduate degree from the University of Uppsala, Sweden, and an undergraduate degree from the University of Durham in the United Kingdom.

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Milena Izmirlieva

Ms. Izmirlieva heads the Life Sciences research team which comprises senior analysts, analysts and health economists covering developed and emerging markets worldwide. Since joining IHS Markit's Global Insight in 2003 as a research analyst in the Pharma Practice for Western European and Central and Eastern European markets, she has developed extensive knowledge of the healthcare systems and pharmaceutical markets of numerous countries in Europe, North America and various emerging markets. Her main areas of research interest are pricing and reimbursement and market access for originator drugs, the market dynamics for biosimilars and generics, heath system efficiency indicators and health system capacity, and forecasting of healthcare spending and pharmaceutical sales. Before joining IHS Markit, she worked in healthcare marketing communications for the EURO RSCG group in New York, US, and Sofia, Bulgaria, where she specialised in pharmaceutical and medical device companies. She holds a Master of Science degree in Communication with a focus on Science Writing from Iowa State University and a joint BA degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and International Relations from the American University in Bulgaria, and is in the process of completing a Master of Science degree in Health Economics, Policy and Management at the London School of Economics. Ms. Izmirlieva is a regular speaker at pharmaceutical conferences and is often interviewed about pharmaceutical-related issues in the media. She frequently presents peer-reviewed research at ISPOR and has a strong interest in pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement developments and cost-containment strategies (including international reference pricing). Ms. Izmirlieva is a Fulbright scholarship recipient and member of the following honour societies: Phi Kappa Phi, Alfa Delta Sigma, and Kappa Tau Alfa.​

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Timothy Dall

​A trained health economist, he brings more than 20 years of experience conducting research and policy analysis in the areas of health econo

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