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Integrity Due Diligence

Understanding counterparty risk is one of the most important first steps in a successful project or investment, especially in emerging markets where the real drivers of risk are rarely found on balance sheets.

Our counterparty risk assessments provide forward-looking analysis of reputational, legal and political risks associated with new or existing counterparts. We draw on our unparalleled intelligence collection infrastructure and in-country experts to support compliance, governance and business development teams in their due diligence process. Our understanding of local dynamics and stakeholders allow us to place reputational risk in the right current and future context to answer:

  • Will this counterparty expose our client to FCPA or other anti-corruption legislation?
  • Will the counterparty expose our client to payment risk, contract risk or reputational risk?

The IHS Markit Difference

  • The country context - Comparative risk scores for compliance and political risk exposure for the country compared to the region or our client’s portfolio countries

  • Company background - Structure, entities, owners and positioning within the local political and social context

  • Integrity risk indicators - Complex or unusual legal structures, unusual or unexpected profile or clients or revenue streams, civil action and litigation history of company or key principals, criminal activity/wrongdoing, including corruption allegations, charges and convictions, restrictions or sanctions against key principals, lifestyle of key principals incommensurate with position

  • Contract and payment risk indicators - Formal and informal connections with government officials and/or departments that would expose the company or individuals to likely recriminatory action if political influence shifts; formal and informal connections to currently exposed individuals in the country that increases the likelihood of discrimination by the current government

  • Contextual judgment - Expert analysis of the overall likely risk exposure associated with the company or individual in the specific country context, over the one-three-year outlook

Data, analysis and expertise


We provide an integrity-focused investigation that looks at current exposures, as well as likely future exposures. We understand how your local partners may expose you to legal, reputational and contract risks not only today but if political dynamics shift in the country.

All-source investigative approach

Our dedicated intelligence collection team and human source network of over 800 carefully vetted individuals provide local insight and interpretation. We provide an informed view in countries where online information is scarce and diligence services turn up little. We can help you understand what the information – or lack of information – means in the specific country context and how it affects your exposure.

Layered expert audit

We ensure sound logic and highest quality analysis. Our investigations are undertaken by a team of senior analysts, not a single-analyst desktop search. You can provide assurance to senior management when presenting our findings as an input to decision making.


We understand best practice for investigation in a specific location and sector. Our trusted investigative approach does not put our client, counterparty or investigator at risk.

Recent work

Our approach has allowed us to uncover some very hard to find but vital red flags for Go/No Go investment decisions by our clients. For example:

  • Contextual knowledge of Russian company structures enabled us to identify an entity operating under false credentials
  • Our local investigator’s visit to a counter-party’s alleged physical address in Ghana found no such entity on the premises bringing in to question the credibility of the company
  • We uncovered credible links to gem smuggling by a prospective partner of a financial services client in Myanmar

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