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Foresight Location Analytics

Provide the highest corporate security with location-specific risk analytics

Foresight Location Analytics (FLA) is the market’s only risk management tool that allows security officers to map and quantify risk for precise locations of corporate personnel, properties, customers, suppliers and transportation routes with location-specific risk scores for every 5002 meters on land.

FLA enables you to generate location-specific political violence risk scores for individual company assets, monitor your locations and personnel with geo-streamed intelligence, visualize risks to specific assets and locations with dynamic heat maps, and quantify and evaluate risks to all of your current and planned exposures worldwide.

FLA is available for purchase as an add-on tool to the Foresight Security Planning service. This best-in-class security solution draws upon a database of more than one million intelligence events, with over 2,500 events added weekly. Managed by the largest team in the market – more than 110 dedicated country risk analysts/economists, 200 in-country analysts and 1,000 global sources – FLA, together with Foresight Security Planning, provides the full spectrum of violent and political risks in one place so you can:

  • Visualize security threats to individual assets
  • Monitor location-specific risks down to the street level
  • Quantify risks to your exposure worldwide
  • Anticipate travel-related risk for personnel
  • Prepare alternate supply/transportation routes

See how companies are leveraging geo-spatial data to monitor risk to their energy assets

Foresight Location Analytics Capabilities

Upload Your Locations
  • Upload 4 sets of up to 10,000 locations, or 40,000 sites total
  • Derive risk score on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (extreme) for each asset set in terms of civil unrest, terrorism, or war, and combined
  • Assign greater or less weight to scores that are more or less relevant to your operations
  • Analyze risk impacts

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Visualize Your Networks
  • Monitor risk scores for the specific locations of your suppliers, manufacturers and customers
  • Track events or risk changes within a defined perimeter
  • Evaluate emerging risks to employees and locations
  • Mitigate risk by allocating resources effectively

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Evaluate Risk With Analytical Tools

Evaluate Risk with Powerful Analytical Tools

  • Assess risks to your portfolio globally, by region or within a country
  • Benchmark risk using your own criteria: people, production, insured value
  • Compare risks facing Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers within a region
  • Export charts to your own reports

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