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Healthcare Modeling and Scenario Analysis

Plan with accuracy and efficiency

Do you need to quantify how demographics and disease will impact health care demand?
Do you need to anticipate future demand for specialists at care centers?
Do you need customized market analysis to predict potential for you therapeutic solution?

Based on our unique healthcare microsimulation model, we are able to provide critical support in market planning, scenario analysis and healthcare regulation solutions. We are with you every step of the way to resolve challenges of any scale and any time frame so you can:

  • Estimate future disease prevalence and burden
  • Source essential workforce planning needs
  • Factor anticipated health care costs into strategic plans and hospital operational models
  • Improve sales and revenue forecasting
  • Quantify business impact of healthcare reform
  • Understand the implications of industry and public policy changes


IHS Markit Disease Prevention Microsimulation Model Technical Document

IHS Markit Healthcare Demand Microsimulation Model Technical Document

Service Offerings

Microsimulation Modeling
Our Healthcare Demand Microsimulation Model can be formulated to model disease burden, estimate future chronic diseases, and predict workforce/product/service demand and medical costs
Benefit: Substantiate strategic plans and management strategies in hospitals

Market Planning and Scenario Analysis
Tools to size markets, quantify key drivers, benchmark performance and "wind tunnel" test multiple strategies under alternative outlooks
Benefit: Maximize your return on sales and marketing investments

Regulatory Impact Analysis
Benefit: Quantify the impact of new regulation on product sales, company performance and investment profitability, including acquisitions

Solve Your Business Challenge

Challenge Solution
I need to anticipate future demand for specialists in my care centers. Use microsimulation modeling to pinpoint future needs and requirements for medical staffing.
I need customized market analysis to predict potential for my therapeutic solution. Maximize revenue with a microsimulation model, down to the US county level.


Why Technology is Not a Silver Bullet When It Comes to Diabetes

The evolution of insulin has undergone a tremendous change, from multiple injections routines to continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion through pumps. Pharmaceutical companies have been very active in inventing better methods of drug delivery, reducing the overall dose frequency and launching re-usable delivery systems. Unfortunately, two of the most powerful practices aren’t widely used: making lifestyle changes and adhering to regimens that regulate blood-sugar levels. These behaviors lower health costs and extend quality of life for diabetes patients, but patient buy-in has remained low on both.

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