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Harmony Enterprise™: Well Performance Software

Increase productivity with workflows that leverage a full suite of empirical, analytical and numerical tools

How do your reservoir management and production forecasting tools measure up in today's environment?

Now available in a single or multi-user platform, Harmony™ from IHS Markit is a comprehensive engineering application for analyzing oil and gas well performance and evaluating reserves. Access a full suite of reservoir and production engineering tools in one interface. Create common corporate workflows that harness your organization's technical expertise and share interpretations to determine the best asset development strategies.

  • Extract maximum value from well performance data
  • Reduce IT overhead and training efforts by utilizing one integrated software package
  • Create rigorous Typewells (Type Curves) and forecast reserves
  • Monitor well production through customizable diagnostic dashboards
  • Assess reserves risk with probabilistic forecasting
  • Run 'what If' scenarios to assess the impact of alternative well spacing, completion design, or artificial lift mechanisms

Harmony Enterprise™ : The new scalable, collaborative multi-user platform suitable for IT environments of all sizes

Engineers, Geoscientists and Analysts are faced with an ever-increasing number of wells to analyze, and often need to collaborate with others so that a confident final interpretation of well performance can be delivered.

  • All analysis work is centralized for better access, consistency and auditing
  • The platform is highly performant with up to 100,000 wells per project
  • No engineering time is spent loading data, seamless data connection to IHS Markit and company data sources
  • Access to the latest technical developments including multiphase probabilistics, refracture modeling and decline autoforecast

For more information, see the Harmony Enterprise help.

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Harmony Enterprise

Empirical methods to analyze production, forecast and manage reserves

Discover what is possible when you make use of your flowing pressure data

For more information, see the Harmony Enterprise help.

If you already use Harmony for your oil and gas well performance analysis needs, use the comparison table below to determine if you should switch from Harmony to Harmony Enterprise.

Feature Harmony Harmony Enterprise
Decline Plus & RTA Forecast & Reservoir
General Upper well limit per project ~2,000 100,000
Concurrently share one project with multiple engineers. Reduce costs by eliminating duplicate work (i.e., data import and sanitize, well analysis, etc.)


Restrict well access by AD group or user


In batch identify forecasts deviating from production


Import Improvements Establish a database connection with our setup wizard, and configure it, reducing the need for IT support


Schedule recurring database connection updates to keep data current


Import queries from Enerdeq® Browser with additional production and completion attributes


Connect directly to field production from FieldDIRECT®


Consolidate single-user databases into a master project



DeclinePlus/Forecast Project economics integrated with physics based reservoir analyses


Decline Autoforecast produces reliable forecasts without user intervention


Typewell analysis including individual well declines


Typewell analysis including individual well declines


Typewell analysis including individual well declines


BOE Typewell and decline analysis


Waterflood surveillance and VRR analysis


RTA/Reservoir Conventional multi-well model with aquifer and injection support (vertical and horizontal completions)


Unconventional multi-well model (horizontal multi-frac completions)


Run probabilistics for multiphase numerical forecasts


Run probabilistics for single phase analytical forecasts


Refracture model, (numerical)


FMB Model: history match FMB analyses and determine if wells are in the same reservoir


Three-phase (gas/oil/water) in FMB and URM


VirtuWell analysis methods


Allocate and interpret commingled production


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