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GTAS Forecasting

Formerly known as GTA Forecasting and World Trade Service

The world’s most comprehensive database of international trade and commercial freight traffic providing long-term annual forecasts up to year 2035, and quarterly forecasts for eight quarters ahead, including data broken down by transportation modes and cargo types.

The GTAS Forecasting provides market and business planners with in-depth analysis, historical data, and forecasts of bilateral trade between 248 countries and regions across 270 commodities and 16 key indicators (Trade Concepts). It is a database including annual and quarterly frequency data updated every quarter.

In June and September 2021 releases, major enhancements have been introduced to GTAS Forecasting database:

  • Supplementing of intra-European trade flows in value and volume broken down by transportation modes: Sea, Air and Overland/Other trade
  • Developing new, more detailed Overland/Other transport mode breakdown into four new categories: Rail, Road, Inland Waterway, and Other for selected trade routes
  • Providing short-term outlook for eight quarters ahead with quarterly frequency data

Get the information and insight you need to size international markets, identify global business risks and opportunities, conduct strategic planning, make confident trade and transportation investment decisions, and secure long-term competitiveness.

  • Plan competitive strategies by identifying when specific country and commodity trade will rebound
  • Uncover risks and opportunities by analysing and comparing target markets
  • Understand market trends and the economic factors driving them
  • Understand factors that could impact economic development and infrastructure plans
  • Conduct product line forecasting and benchmark performance

Source of data – Global Trade Atlas (GTA).
GTA is a part of IHS Markit, the market-leading database for trade data includes monthly data from 104 reporting countries and annual data for over 200 countries.

Access long-term outlooks and forecasting for world trade and transportation
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Empower Your Decision Making!

GTAS Forecasting supports your business needs across industries and around the world. It benefits:

  • Consulting companies
  • Trade associations
  • Government agencies
  • Logistics companies
  • Ship owners and operators
  • Commodity producers
  • Port authorities
  • Dredging and offshore contractor
  • Shipyard constructors

How can the GTAS Forecasting help you?

Use this interactive image to explore how GTAS Forecasting creates opportunities for various business departments

GTAS Forecasting Features

Extensive historical database and forecasts
  • Historical Database sourced in Global Trade Atlas
  • Annual historical and forecast data ranging from 2005 to 2035
  • Quarterly historical and forecast data ranging from 2018Q1 to 2023Q4
  • All the historical values as well as forecasts are revised on a quarterly basis
  • Bilateral trade between 248 countries and regions, across 270 commodities and 16 key indicators
  • Data are carefully cleaned, processed and standardised to consistently cover all countries across all commodity categories and indicators
  • Missing data for Metric Tons is estimated
  • Forecast is produced by commodity-specific and country-specific export and import global trade models, upgraded to include COVID-19 impact
  • Historical real values and a set of macroeconomic indicators from IHS Markit’s Economics & Country Risk division are input into the forecasting model
  • The simultaneous modeling of all time-series using three different statistical methods to select the best-suited model results
Easy access to data, analysis and visualizations
  • Access GTAS Forecasting data via Data Browser on Connect platform, our user-friendly, web-based interface
  • Select countries, commodities and indicators; create your own customized regional and commodity aggregates and download your data in Excel format
  • Use our GTAS Forecasting dashboard with trade visualizations, methodology documents, service bulletins and macroeconomic drivers

GTAS Forecasting dashboard

  • Use our new GTAS Forecasting Analytics with trade data by transportation modes displayed on interactive maps, charts and rankings of top exporters/importers and trade routes

Analysis and commentary
  • Trends in the World Economy and Trade - quarterly report providing an overview of trade and transportation trends and outlooks focusing on global trade by export and import regions and by transportation mode, seaborne and containerized trade outlook, comparison with our previous forecast as well as the world economy and commodity prices sections
  • Exclusive Insights and Headline Analysis on global trade focusing on international trade relations, along with trade regulatory issues
  • Read about the evolution of export specialization in the East Asia Region based on GTAS Forecasting new Export Specialization Analytics

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Connect with an expert

Tomasz Brodzicki, Ph.D.

Dr. Brodzicki utilizes the latest analytical, forecasting, and data visualization technologies to provide better data-driven insights and expert reports for a wide array of clients. He specializes in international trade and international economic analyses and forecasting using sophisticated econometric tools. In IHS Markit he is a part of the Maritime & Trade Division responsible for GTA Forecasting model development as well as cross-sectional analyses using the GTA, GTA Forecasting & PIERS data. He developed the Global Trade Monitoring dashboard and is responsible for drafting monthly commentaries - Global Trade Monitoring Reports. He is also responsible for Global Trade Outlook.In 2020 he wrote 35 articles and reports on a diverse set of topics ranging from e.g. the Iran crisis, the trade conflict between the US and China, the impact of COVID-19 on bilateral trade relations, to potential effects of Brexit, the RCEP & country, and industry reports. He represented IHS Markit in a number of business conferences and seminars as a keynote speaker or a panelist. He brings nearly 20 years of experience in economic analysis & business intelligence both in business and in academia. He is concurrently an associate professor at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Gdansk, Poland where he heads the International Economics and Economic Development Division.Dr. Brodzicki has led several large-scale research projects and evaluation studies, as well as provided consultancy to international organizations, government, and regional authorities, municipalities as well as firms in diverse business sectors. Dr. Brodzicki holds a Ph.D. in International Economics.

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Katarzyna Skrzypek

Mrs Skrzypek is a senior economist in the Maritime & Trade division, where she contributes to developing bilateral trade forecasts for the GTA Forecasting database and performs international trade analysis. Mrs Skrzypek is an author for part of the GTA Forecasting quarterly strategic report called 'Trends in the World Economy and Trade', as well as other trade market headline analysis. Mrs Skrzypek also works on expanding the array of GTA Forecasting products on the IHS Markit Connect platform, planning meritorical and the visual side of the content and takes part in preparing marketing campaigns for these products. She has also cooperated with other IHS Markit services, such as the Banking Risk Service and Pricing and Purchasing (developing forecast models for price indices). Before joining Maritime & Trade, Mrs Skrzypek worked as a senior information specialist in information management, where she was dealing with historical macroeconomic and financial data for the Middle East and Africa and CIS regions. Mrs Skrzypek has an MA degree in transport and logistics, which she obtained from the University of Gdansk, Faculty of Economics.

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Bartosz Krapinski

Bartosz Krapinski's focus areas include international trade networks, gravity models, predictions and artificial neural networks. Mr. Krapinski is author of articles and reports on international trade, development at the country and regional level, innovations, smart specializations, creative industries, and clusters. He follows economic, technological, as well as social global trends. Mr. Krapinski participated in various research and evaluation projects provided to the government, regional authorities, and companies. Most recently, he was a research assistant in the enterprise & innovation research area for the Gdansk Institute for Market Economics, and data analyst in the field of the aviation industry for Jeppesen, a Boeing Company. Mr. Krapinski is a Ph.D. graduate of economy faculty at the University of Gdansk.

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Mabel Ng

Mabel is the Product Manager for Trade Data Tools at IHS Markit. She is responsible for the vision and roadmap of the Global Trade Atlas (GTA) and GTA Forecasting. Mabel partners with executives and businesses of all sizes to identify growth opportunities, reduce supply chain risk and assess markets. She has a passion for developing strong business relationships with customers to solve practical problems. Mabel has an extensive international trade background, prior to joining IHS Markit, she spent ten years at the shipping line industry where she was responsible new market analytics and research initiatives. Mabel has an MBA and a Juris Doctor from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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