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GTA Forecasting

Formerly known as World Trade Service

New enhanced forecasts of international trade and commercial freight traffic up to year 2035, with upgraded forecasting models, including COVID-19 impact.

The GTA Forecasting provides market and business planners with in-depth analysis, historical data, and forecasts of bilateral trade between 248 countries and regions across 270 commodities and 16 key indicators (Trade Concepts). It is an annual database updated on a quarterly basis. In May 2020 release, a number of enhancements have been introduced to GTA Forecasting database:

  • extended range of the forecast until 2035;
  • new historical data edge - majority of countries updated with full year 2019
  • upgraded forecasting models, including COVID-19 impact

Get the information and insight you need to size international markets, identify global business risks and opportunities, conduct strategic planning, make confident trade and transportation investment decisions, and secure long-term competitiveness.

  • Plan competitive strategies by identifying when specific country and commodity trade will rebound
  • Uncover risks and opportunities by analysing and comparing target markets
  • Understand market trends and the economic factors driving them
  • Understand factors that could impact economic development and infrastructure plans
  • Conduct product line forecasting and benchmark performance

Source of data – Global Trade Atlas (GTA).
GTA is part of IHS Markit, the market-leading database for trade data includes monthly data from nearly 100 reporting countries and annual data for over 180 countries

Empower Your Decision Making!

GTA Forecasting supports your business needs across industries and around the world. It benefits:

  • Consulting companies
  • Trade associations
  • Government agencies
  • Logistics companies
  • Ship owners and operators
  • Commodity producers
  • Port authorities
  • Dredging and offshore contractor
  • Shipyard constructors

How can the GTA Forecasting help you?

Use this interactive image to explore how GTA Forecasting creates opportunities for various business departments

GTA Forecasting Features

Extensive historical database and forecasts
  • Historical Database sourced in Global Trade Atlas
  • Quarterly updated annual historical data and forecasts ranging from 2000 to 2035
  • Bilateral trade between 248 countries and regions, across 270 commodities and 16 key indicators
  • Data are carefully cleaned, processed and standardised to consistently cover all countries across all commodity categories and indicators
  • Missing data for Metric Tons is estimated
  • Forecast is produced by commodity-specific and country-specific export and import global trade models, upgraded to include COVID-19 impact
  • Historical real values and a set of macroeconomic indicators from IHS Markit’s Economics & Country Risk division are input into the forecasting model
  • A SARIMAX model with Principle Components Analysis is used to perform the forecast
Easy access to data, analysis and visualizations
  • Access GTA Forecasting data via Data Browser on Connect platform, our user-friendly, web-based interface
  • Select countries, commodities and indicators; create your own customized regional and commodity aggregates and download your data in Excel format
  • Use our GTA Forecasting dashboard with trade visualizations, methodology documents, service bulletins and macroeconomic drivers

GTA Forecasting dashboard

Analysis and commentary
  • Trends in the World Economy and Trade - quarterly report providing an overview of trade and transportation trends and outlooks focusing on the world economy, commodity prices, trade demand, seaborne trade, containerized trade, quarterly trade forecasts, and historical data and forecast revisions
  • Headline Analysis covering important trade and transportation events that occurred recently with a focus on international trade relations, along with trade regulatory issues
  • Read on for current information on the future of air cargo and trade.

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