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Historical Time Series: Global Economic and Financial Data

Monitor and analyze changes in the global economy

Need to track and report on global macroeconomic trends?

Designed for economists and analysts, this macroeconomic data access and software solution provides data and analysis for 204+ countries. We also homogenize and standardize key global economic indicators to help you perform immediate and accurate cross-country comparisons. Powered by our more than 200 economist and analysts who use it for their own research, this complete workflow tool lets you:

  • Quickly find, analyze and graph global economic change
  • Develop strategies, control risk and advance key decisions
  • Inject supporting financial data into analysis
  • Save time with a single-source data system

What’s Included

Data Coverage

Economic Analytics
The all-inclusive macroeconomic data solution composed of a comprehensive suite of tools with timely and accurately updated data from primary sources and global agencies for over 204 countries.

  • Over 4 million macroeconomic times series and up to 500 indicators per economy for a holistic economic analysis

    Access key economic data in preformatted tables and graphs embedded in relevant sections of the countryClick to enlarge

    • Balance of payments
    • Cyclical indicators
    • Finance and financial markets
    • Government finance
    • Housing and construction
    • Output, capacity and capacity utilization
    • Merchandise trade
    • Labor market
    • Population
    • Prices
    • Wholesale and retail trade
  • Up to 200,000 supporting financial indicators
    • Interest rates
    • Exchange rates
    • Commodities
    • Equity and fixed income indices (updated upon release)
  • Extensive history data as building block to perform regression and predictive analysis
  • Annualized economic indicators to support comparable analysis of the economy by region, country or world

World Market Monitor
Exclusive dataset that integrates 230+ primary-source, macroeconomic and financial indicators for 200+ countries with IHS-generated comparative economic indicators, providing immediate and accurate cross-country analysis. Key indicators include:

  • GDP and its components
  • Monetary aggregates
  • Interest rates
  • Inflation
  • Industrial production (including oil)
  • Retail sales
  • Balance of payments
  • External debt (and debt service)
  • Government finance

Global Economic Analytics

Complementary Datasets (additional fee)
  • Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)
    • Leading economic indicators to help track short term business conditions, forecast markets
    • 4000+ Macroeconomic indices
    • 30+ countries covered
    • Internationally comparable across geographies and industries
    • Factual measurements based on responses to questions on actual business conditions
    • Monthly publication with PMI data released in advance of comparable official economic data
  • CEIC
    • Cover up to 18 macroeconomic sectors
    • 21 industry sectors in China coverage
    • Detailed China city-level economic information
  • The Paychex - Small Business Jobs Index
    • Coverage up to 350,000 US Small Businesses in 8 industry sectors
    • Provides timely and accurate insight into national and regional small business employment trends
    • Historical data date back to 2005

IHS Markit Eurozone Composite PMI Output Index vs Eurozone

Click to enlarge

Data Access Options

IHS Markit Connect
Maximize your subscription content with IHS Markit Connect – Our online customer platform

  • Rapid Data Retrieval: Access analysis and data in a single search
  • Presentation Tools: Build customizable, presentation-ready graphs
  • Flexible Export: Export content to multiple formats (Excel, PDF, PowerPoint)
  • Automated Content Refreshes: Save searches and update content automatically

Data Feed Solution

  • Integrated Data Delivery Service (IDDS) platform, IHS Markit data feed is a time-saving and automated solution for delivering our world renowned macroeconomic and financial time series data. Flexible web service and FTP delivery options provide direct integration with your in-house databases or applications for immediate access to data updates throughout the day

DataInsight Desktop

  • Desktop is a comprehensive navigation, time-series analysis and graphing application to support your workflow. Designed by economists for economists, econometricians, analysts, financial experts, corporate planners and researchers in the corporate, government, and financial markets space


  • Start with most comprehensive, timeliest global macroeconomic and macro-financial time series data from a single source coupled with your own propriety data to build basic and complex models using the most powerful statistical, forecasting, and modeling tool. EViews lets you manage data, perform econometric and statistical analysis, generate forecasts and model simulations, and produce high quality graphs and tables

Solve Your Business Challenge

How do I find the data I need given such a large data offering?Use our time series suggestions and review our clear, detailed documentation for each one, including technical definitions, measurement units, source and related footnotes.
How can I reduce time spent doing manual data updates?Set up automatic updates or easily update your data and graphs with DataInsight at the click of a button.
I can’t find the headline macroeconomic data series I use.Quickly find a headline series with DataInsight “Tables” functionality.
Can I trust the data to be accurate and decision-ready?We clean, quality check and reconcile our data with earlier press releases to ensure consistency with the data’s most extensive history.
I can’t afford to search multiple sources for macroeconomic data on emerging markets.Access comprehensive, historical time series from official sources and agencies for developed countries, emerging markets, and frontier markets.
I don’t receive timely updates from my existing provider after official data releases.Get series updates within minutes of release.

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