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Geoscience Solutions

Higher productivity and better collaboration through practical geoscience solutions

The IHS Markit geoscience platform is designed to deliver new levels of efficiency and collaboration for the geoscience workflow, ensuring the integration of work processes across the entire asset team with one key objective - To help you make more informed decisions. Optimized for unconventional, conventional and deep water plays, our geoscience solutions help you assess the potential of regional geologic trends or discover where assets are underperforming, all within a singular, cost effective and easy to learn environment.

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Our Geology solutions offer the best in enhanced collaboration for geoscience teams that want a modern, streamlined geoscience toolkit that can perform optimally with up to a 1,000,000+ wells and workflow automation that dramatically improves geoscience cycle times.

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Our Geological Solutions supports your daily workflow through key benefits and functionality:

  • GIS – Our Spatial Explorer has expanded its layer-based mapping to include expanded data coverage and data types to export to shapefiles (with connections to Esri including the ArcGIS Portal and ArcSDE)
  • Petrophysics – Integrated petrophysical model that has comprehensive Log QC and conditioning capabilities, multiple methods to calculate porosity, saturations and Vshale over multiple wells, integrated petrophysical calculator with scripting and a facies calculator
  • Geosteering – Enhanced Geosteering from Kingdom provides the tools needed to very accurately predict the geology ahead of the bit much more effectively than traditional tools. Powered by Dynamic Depth Conversion, the seismic and subsurface models are updated as new interpretations are made, providing insights to the entire team to enable them to optimally steer the well to potential targets, and avoid hazards in front of the bit
  • With Kingdom, you can:

    • Build a consistent subsurface model that leverages the existing interpretations in all of the wells in close proximity to the drilling well to drive real-time decisions
    • Transform map-making to an entirely new level of sophistication, providing unprecedented speed, efficiency and accuracy over traditional workflows
    • Empower the geosteerer by making the most accurate and up-to-date interpretation of the subsurface available at all times
  • Engineering – Our geoscience solutions support the engineering workflow (including drilling, reservoir, completion and production engineers) to analyze and interpret subsurface data using a comprehensive suite of tools including mapping, decline curve analysis, group production plots and extensive data analysis, and regional computation utility. With a direct connection to IHS Markit data, IHS Markit enables engineers to spend more time making businesses decisions and less time looking for and loading data
  • Drilling and Completions – Kingdom gives you access data on completed wells in the area and lets you take advantage of the methodology used to develop those wells. By understanding the subsurface and attributes of other wells, you can interpret or predict how a new well will perform. Having this completion data available all in one place enhances the integration and collaboration between the geoscientists, engineers, geologist and other on the team
  • With Kingdom, you can:

    • Generate completion variables used by completion engineers to stimulation optimization
    • Make maps and tables of up-dip vs down dip, lateral length, total pounds of sand, total number of stages, total fluid injected, total gel used, max pressures, max rates
    • Provide variables by stage and distribute the values spatially according to spatial location of variable for mapping purposes
    • Compute percent in zone, average vertical distance per stage from plan

IHS Markit provides the world’s most trusted geophysical tool, from unconventional to deep water. Our solution can predict fault and fractures with pinpoint accuracy, and you can quickly model if seismic attributes predict reservoir properties.


Our Geophysical Solutions supports your daily workflow through key benefits and functionality provided by add-on modules including:

  • Kingdom's Rock Solid Attributes (RSA) module gives users access to 50+ advanced 2D and 3D poststack seismic attributes, including Curvature, Spectral Decomposition and Similarity (edge detection processing). This capability is fully integrated with the Kingdom platform to create a time-efficient, cost effective solution for optimizing reservoir assets and increasing well accuracy. The Module includes:
    • 50+ attributes
      • Edge and fault detection
      • Facies and Lithology indicators
      • Reservoir and Fluid indicators
      • Wavelet attributes
    • Spectral Decomposition
      • Thin geology and hydrocarbon detector
    • Curvature
    • Dip of maximum similarity
    • Relative acoustic impedance
  • Pre-stack and AVO – AVOPAK brings powerful visualization and interpretation of pre-stack gather data to the interpretation desktop by generating attributes that can be used to locate hydrocarbon indicators in rock volumes and presenting the gathers in a gallery. AVOPAK is fully integrated with Kingdom for AVO analysis and interpretation in both 2D and 3D seismic data and brings pre-stack interpretation and analysis to the interpreters desktop
  • Inversion – Seismic Inversion consists of multiple inversion capabilities which include the Colored and Seismic Annealing Inversion algorithms. Colored Inversion is a proven technique that is fast and easy to apply to seismic data, yet it produces results that match more sophisticated and compute intensive techniques such as sparse spike inversion. Kingdom Colored Inversion matches the well character within the seismic bandwidth and automatically performs phase correction, thereby minimizing the risk of interpreting incorrect or unwanted seismic events and improving the speed and accuracy of the interpretation. This increase in interpretation efficiency easily offsets the time spent creating the inversion data
  • Simulated Annealing Inversion requires further analysis by the user, with more complex inputs. However, relative to many other inversions on the market it is still easy to parametrize and run. Asa technique it is also robust and less prone to unintentional bias than other inversions. Simulated Annealing can generate both relative and absolute impedance volumes, of value to both the seismic interpreter and petrophysicists alike.
  • Time, Depth and Velocity Analysis – VelPAK brings advanced depth conversion to the Kingdom software where Kingdom’s Dynamic Depth Conversion cannot handle the structural complexities of the geologic reservoir. Accurate depth conversion is essential to convert time domain seismic interpretation into the depth domain, from which reserves estimations and accurate drilling plans can be made. VelPAK maximizes all the available velocity data (from wells and seismic velocities) to build a velocity model that honors the data. VelPAK Risk Reduction tools enable the user to get derive probability distribution functions (P90/P50/P10) of Gross Rock Volume, probability of closure maps and spill point analyses. Log scale detail can be added to existing velocity volumes (generated by VelPAK, Kingdom Dynamic Depth Conversion, or imported from the seismic processor) adding immense value for purposes such as quantitative reservoir characterization, pore pressure prediction and seismic inversion studies. Unique features, such as the patented numerical optimization for the determination of best fit parameters and multi-z interpretation depth conversion, and most importantly the “no black box” philosophy, make VelPAK best in class for depth conversion software. VelPAK provides a complete solution that satisfies the depth conversion needs of seismic interpreter and geophysicist
  • 1D/2D Synthetic Modeling – GeoSyn is a cost effective 1D and 2D modeling tool designed to be used by geoscientists who want to bring geology into seismic interpretation. The ability to generate 1D synthetics, do AVO analysis and create 2D models is enhanced by the ability to edit and model the original log data allowing a better tie with the seismic and try “what if’s” to better understand your geophysical interpretation

Our geoscience solutions support the engineering workflow (including drilling, reservoir, completion and production engineers) to analyze and interpret subsurface data using a comprehensive suite of tools including mapping, decline curve analysis, group production plots and extensive data analysis, and regional computation utility. With a direct connection to IHS data, IHS enables engineers to spend more time making businesses decisions and less time looking for and loading data.

Analytical Applications

  • IHS Petra
    • Efficiently analyze regional trends through spatial mapping
    • Production analysis utilities such as normalization, group production plots, highly flexible methods for calculating average and cumulative values
    • Ease to learn how to use the application
    • Integration with geology domain workflows that include volumetric calculations and reservoir properties such as net pay, net sand, thickness calculations
Data Management

Kingdom Data Management provides a fully integrated platform for proper stewardship of the ever-increasing complexity of data within an organization, allowing users to manage all information across the Kingdom environment.

Analytical Applications

  • IHS Kingdom Data Management
    • Automatically search networks for Kingdom projects, and inventory data components
    • Use Project Comparison to look for similarities and differences between projects
    • Use Database Conversion to convert projects between any Kingdom-supported database servers
Training, Support and Licensing


IHS offers comprehensive, effective and quality training courses to geoscientists and geophysicists all over the world. Our goal is to educate within the industry and provide a solid foundation for users of analytical software. View our training courses online.

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Kingdom MyAccount

When you become an IHS Kingdom® user, you gain access to so much more than just software. With Kingdom MyAccount, you have access to a one stop portal for support, our knowledge base of help resources, software updates and training. See what MyAccount has to offer.

Petra Online User Community

When you become an IHS Petra® user, you gain access to so much more than just software. With our Petra Online User Community, you have access to a one stop portal for support from our experts as well as your peers. See what the Online User Community has to offer.


Choose the best option for your company’s financial goals.

  • Subscriptions help to manage short term cash flow constraints and capital budget limitations
  • Perpetual Licensing helps maximize total cost of ownership
  • Standalone when you do not need to collaborate with a wider team, or are a consultant
  • Network for companies who need to collaborate across asset teams
  • Short Term Subscription for one month or longer usage
  • License Trade – Ready to move to Kingdom EarthPAK, you can trade your Petra license today

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