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Gas Processing Plants

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Worldwide data on facilities processing raw natural gas, with details on capacities and historical productions

Industry Domain:

Energy & Natural Resources


IHS Markit

Content Type:


Access/Delivery Methods:

REST, Python, S3 Proxy, SQL


  • Gas
  • Natural Gas Liquids
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Fractionation
  • EDIN
  • Treatment
  • Removal
  • Sour
  • Wet
  • Propane
  • Butane
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Data Set

Dataset NameDataset DescriptionData FormatPublishing Frequency
Gas Plants OverviewGeneral information on the Gas Processing facilities: Plant Name, Operator, Total Capacity, Technology, Process type and location.ParquetWeekly
Gas Plant CapacitiesDetails by Units: Status, Online Date, Gas Intake Capacity, LPG Production Capacity and Total Gas ThroughputParquetWeekly
Gas Plant MilestonesInformation on important milestones (e.g. Government Approvals, EPC, EIS, FID) on gas processing facilities, including operational and non-operational (planned or shutdown).ParquetWeekly
Gas Plant ProcessesDetails on gas plant processing technologies installed in the gas processing facility (e.g. Turbo Expander, Absorption)ParquetWeekly
Gas Plant ProductionHistorical information on gas plant production by gas processing facility: gas and liquid intake, dry gas, ngl and lpg.ParquetWeekly
Gas Plant TypesDetails on type of process by gas processing facilities (e.g. Treatment, Fractionation, NGL extraction)ParquetWeekly
Gas Plant Capacity TrendsAnnual total running calculation of gas processing facilities capacities: gas and liquid intake, dry gas, ngl and lpg.ParquetWeekly
Gas Plant CostsCosts details and remarks of gas processing facilities. The cost represent the Capital Expenditure announced and/or Estimated.ParquetWeekly
Gas Plant EmissionsHistorical CO2 emissions of gas processing plants reported by operators or official governmental agencies.ParquetWeekly
Gas Plant Operator HistoryOperator name, ownership, company interests and historical validity of gas processing and treatment facilities.ParquetWeekly
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