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Food Commodities Market

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Food Commodities Market Insights and Forecasting

Commodity and food prices are increasingly influenced by geopolitical trade disputes and volatile weather patterns. Navigate uncertainty with current and future price discovery tools, and medium- or long-term supply and demand outlooks, to make informed decisions.

Facts about the global Food Commodities market:
  • China, India, Brazil and the US dominate global food commodity production and export and import markets, across a variety of agricultural and food sectors.
  • Over one million hectares are dedicated to crops production globally with the four largest in area being wheat, corn, rice, and soybeans.
  • India replaced Brazil as the world’s largest producer of sugar in 2018/19.
  • China produces and consumes nearly 50% of all pork globally.
  • Turkey is the leading producer and exporter of hazelnuts, accounting for an estimated 80% of world supply.

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Food Commodities Sectors


Crops are the basic building blocks of global agriculture, providing the basic food, animal feed and fiber. Crops are broadly split into three categories, grains that are used for food, grains that are used for animal feed, and oilseeds used to produce vegetable oils and animal feed meals.

Foods & Ingredients

The processed food sector comprises trade of a variety of fruits and vegetables in frozen, canned, concentrate and dehydrated forms plus nuts, spices and exotic ingredients.


Proteins are the animal-based proteins in a balanced human diet. It includes poultry, eggs, pork, beef, and dairy. This is a rapidly growing and changing part of the food supply chain.


There are hardly any food products manufactured globally that do not involve the use of soft commodities, defined as sugar, coffee, coffee and molasses.

Agricultural Bilateral Import & Export Trade Data

Cost analyzer platform with over 3,000 global data sets to enable supply chain cost savings with 10-year cost and price forecasts across all agricultural products and inputs, from edible food commodities to paper and plastic packaging and wages.

Chemical Food Additives

Five-year outlooks and extensive industry data on more than 300 core chemicals markets, including those related to food such as acids, oils, sweeteners, flavors and other additives.

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Trading and Finance

Calculating risk, understanding long-term market movements and responding to volatile price changes are key to your success. Stay ahead of the market with the widest range of global price forecasts and supply & demand data available.

Procurement and Manufacturing

Your company relies on you to make timely purchases to ensure the best price while avoiding excess stock or shortfalls. Keep on top of changing market conditions with our forecasts, price and production outlooks and wider agribusiness trend analysis.

Policy and Regulation

You are relied upon to stay abreast of the latest news and developments in order to respond quickly to questions from internal stakeholders and communicate relevant and accurate information. Analysis from journalists in Brussels and Washington helps you navigate regulation.

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