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Crop Commodities Market

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Crop Commodities Market Insights and Forecasting

Agricultural commodities are at an interesting and dynamic crossroads, as demand is surging for feedstuffs at a time when food is increasingly looked to as a solution to reduce carbon in motor fuels. Can agricultural production meet the needs for food, feed, and fuel without impacting sensitive land and rainforests?

Additionally, the cost of production continues to rise with higher fertilizer and transportation costs. This creates challenges for global agricultural systems whose power is shifting to places like Brazil, the Black Sea, and Asia. This shift is causing food and agricultural commodity prices to be impacted by currency fluctuations, governmental policy changes, and political tensions like never before.

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Crops Commodities Sectors

Acreage and Production

Market prices are influenced during the period when commodities are developing, and in the case of crops like wheat development is monitored over a long period from September when it is planted until the summer months when it is harvested, with the key yield-determining period being the spring months.

Corn & Feed Grains

Between the major feed grains produced around the world (corn, sorghum, barley, and oats), corn is the dominant grain ingredient used in animal feed.


Cotton lint is a major fibre for textile products and other industrial and consumer products. The usage of cotton is highly dependent on consumer attitudes, fashion and taste, disposable income and the price of competing fibres.

Oil & Oilseeds

The amount of vegetable oil produced by crushing seeds, including soybeans, canola and sunflowers combined with combined oils produced from other plant parts such palm kernels and flesh is increasing steadily.


Rice is the primary staple food for more than half the world’s population. Its second primary use is the production of alcoholic beverages, and it also used to produce pet food.


Soybeans are an important source of protein and vegetable oil used globally. The crop is primarily produced in three country’s: Brazil, US and Argentina.


Transportation is vital to the flow and cost of goods domestically and internationally. It is the backbone of domestic and global growth. Infrastructure plays a key role in transportation cost.


Approximately 80% of global wheat consumption goes directly into food and seed use. There are 11 wheat-producing countries, spread between the northern and southern hemispheres, which account for more than 85% of global production.

Shifting Landscape of Global Ag Commodity Markets

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Calculating risk, understanding long-term market movements and responding to volatile price changes are key to your success. Stay ahead of the market with the widest range of global price forecasts and supply & demand data available.

Procurement and Manufacturing

Your company relies on you to make timely purchases to ensure the best price while avoiding excess stock or shortfalls. Keep on top of changing market conditions with our forecasts, price and production outlooks and wider agribusiness trend analysis.

Policy and Regulation

You are relied upon to stay abreast of the latest news and developments in order to respond quickly to questions from internal stakeholders and communicate relevant and accurate information. Analysis from journalists in Brussels and Washington helps you navigate regulation.

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