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Energy and Natural Resources Advisory, for Financial and Capital Markets (FCM) Teams

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The IHS Markit Financial and Capital Markets team within the Energy & Natural Resources business is devoted to serving financial-sector participants focused on global energy markets. Our team of experts follows the daily pulse of global energy markets and delivers recurring analysis to clients via reports and interactive engagement.

Customers gain access to IHS Markit data, analysis, tools and consulting offerings across the industry value chain - upstream, midstream, downstream, chemicals, oil markets, metals and mining, and agribusiness. Acting as your advisors, we curate and customize the best suited solutions; based on your workflow, portfolio and objectives.

Financial & Capital Markets

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Customized solutions exclusive for Financial and Capital Markets:

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Energy Advisory Service

Ideal for: Asset Management and Sovereign Wealth Funds who need timely and macro insight

The Energy Advisory Service (EAS) offers macro and short-term analysis that covers markets and investment themes across the global energy value chain. The premium service includes concierge support to help clients engage with the team of FCM experts that create and curate the content offered. Customer also gain access to underlying data behind the analysis from our sector solutions including Upstream; Midstream, Oil Markets & Downstream; Gas, Power & Renewables. View more information

The Energy Advisory Briefing Service (EABS) is a lite version of the Energy Advisory Service, for customers who need a focused narrative covering developments across Energy value chain and their implications to financial markets. View more information

View a sample of our Oil Market Edge Report - a weekly report deliverable by EAS and EABS


Ideal for: Senior decision makers at Investment Banks needing interactive dialogue, curated analysis, and challenging sessions with IHS Markets energy thought leaders

ThinkingEnergy explores macro, industry, geopolitical and company-level drivers that are transforming global energy markets. Consistent collaboration at the senior level provides a foundation to share multiple viewpoints, interpret trends and explore opportunities.

Alongside a distilled narrative, this service delivers unparalleled breadth and depth of expertise that the world’s senior investment bankers can rely on to successfully navigate all facets. View more information


Ideal for: Private Equity and Investment Bank who need to assess investments and seize opportunities.

This suite of solutions is created by FCM experts to connect the macro energy perspective and meet the full workflow needs of sector-focused investment teams. The premium services include concierge support to help clients engage with experts across ENR, as well access to underlying data behind the analysis.

There are 3 modules available, depending on portfolio interest:

  • Global Oil & Gas
  • North America Oil & Gas
  • Gas & Power

View more information

Chemicals Advisory Service

Ideal for: Asset Managers, Portfolio Manaers, Hedge Fund Managers, Fixed Income Investors, Private Equity, Sovereign Wealth Funds, High Level IBD Managers

Investors exposed to the chemicals industry have to navigate a broad range of products and complex relationships between different value chains such as olefins, plastics, aromatics, inorganics, fibers and specialties.

Chemicals Advisory Service provides broad yet detailed insight into timely developments that impact profitability, both near and long term, for the key product chains that drive corporate earnings. View more information


Ideal for: Financial analysts or investors who need to make informed strategic and financial decisions will need the most reliable cost curves and supply and demand models.

MineSpans, by McKinsey, delivered by IHS Markit enables financial customers and investors to uncover valuable insights by delivering a comprehensive view of the mining industry. MineSpans provides a one-stop solution by offering a holistic view of commodity markets, companies and assets. MineSpans also includes tools that allow scenario analysis based on a variety of outcomes, enhancing strategies for different investment timeframes and risks. MineSpans models each asset bottom-up, based on the mining method, processing flow sheet and key technical parameters. Commodity coverage includes copper, iron ore, gold, potash, lithium, zinc, metallurgical coal, uranium, cobalt, Nickel and Lead. View more information

Lead Experts

Roger Diwan

Mr. Diwan has more than 25 years of experience in advising governments, oil and gas companies, and financial institutions on oil markets, geopolitics of oil, and assessment of the strategic shifts of the global oil and gas industry. He leads a team of analysts and strategists to advise asset managers, hedge funds, private equity firms, and investment banks by providing customized analysis on the oil and gas industry. Recently, Mr. Diwan has been focusing on strategies that investors are implementing to capture value in the energy sector and the implications of the decapitalization of the oil and gas sector and capitalization of the energy transition. He still leads analysis on topics as varied as the global exploration outlook, the geopolitical impact of US shales, China's energy outlook, or the changing strategies of the Gulf national oil companies. Mr. Diwan holds a Bachelor of Arts from the Sorbonne University, France, and master's degrees from The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, United States, and the Institut d'Etudes Politiques of Paris, France.

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Karim Fawaz

Mr. Fawaz is a Director in the Energy and Natural Resources group at IHS Markit. He leads the Energy Advisory Service, which provides energy research tailored to financial institutions investing in the energy and commodity space. He has extensive expertise analyzing short-term global crude oil and refined product markets, managing IHS Markit's global short-term liquids supply/demand balances, and forecasting short-term trends in global oil fundamentals, prices, differentials, and refining margins. He also specializes in the relationship between physical and paper commodity markets. Mr. Fawaz has also led various consulting engagements across the midstream and downstream value chain, including asset acquisition due diligence projects, global crude and product trade flow modeling, and pricing analyses. Prior to joining IHS Markit in 2013, Mr. Fawaz worked in the Financial Advisory practice at PFC Energy. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the American University of Beirut and an MA from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

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Justin Jacobs

Justin Jacobs, a principal analyst at IHS Markit, is on the energy markets team for financial services clients, advising hedge funds, private equity, and institutional investors. Mr. Jacobs is focused on advising clients on North America, the geopolitics of oil, and strategic trends across the global energy sector. Prior to joining IHS Markit, he was the Americas editor at Petroleum Economist, where he covered the upstream, finance, and geopolitics of the energy industry from postings in London, Beijing, and California. Mr. Jacobs holds a Bachelor of Science in finance from the University of Colorado Boulder, United States, and a Master of Arts in international relations from Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom.

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Raoul LeBlanc

Mr. LeBlanc's passion lies in the intersection of oil and gas expertise and leading-edge data analytics. He currently leads the development and commercialization of data products that leverage knowledge to make the IHS Markit well and production database insightful for commercial decision makers. Mr. LeBlanc also plays a key role in directing research and forecasting of onshore North America and then delivering an integrated, substantive story to executives and investors. As a veteran of the industry and a former partner at PFC Energy (now IHS Markit), Mr. LeBlanc brings 25 years of experience in strategic and industry analysis. Familiar with a wide range of corporate and market issues, he has extensive experience on issues related to North American independents, upstream assets, and natural gas markets. From 1997 to 2006, Mr. LeBlanc directed Anadarko Petroleum's strategic planning effort, responsible for strategy formulation, portfolio optimization, scenario planning, and competitor analysis. He has worked and studied in Japan, the western Pacific, and Great Britain. Mr. LeBlanc holds an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and a Master of Arts in energy and international relations from The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, United States.

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