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Financial and Capital Markets

Around the world, bankers, asset managers, corporate finance professionals and insurers must calibrate their investment and lending decisions against a background of economic uncertainty, geopolitical unrest and interdependent industry dynamics. Financial & Capital Markets assists you in strategic planning as well as optimizing your investment and loan portfolios with our award-winning economic forecasts and analysis.

Make better decisions by gaining cutting-edge insights into future risks and opportunities. Simplify and quantify country, sovereign and sector-specific exposure with risk ratings for the world’s largest markets. Anticipate key drivers of your firm’s success by simulating best and worst-case scenarios. Protect your assets with the ability to map political and violent risks as they happen, all around the world. Leverage our database of 40,000 energy industry transactions from the past 20 years – along with detailed analysis of 70 global plays – to screen asset opportunities.

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Our Capabilities

Capital Markets

Optimize your investment portfolios with historical economic data and award-winning forecasts across multiple asset classes. IHS Financial and Capital Markets has more than 50 years of forecasting expertise, underpinned by a rigorous methodology that ensures alignment and accuracy throughout all of our forecasts.

  • Use our Global Link Model, which integrates 68 country markets representing 95% of global GDP, to quantify the impact of changes in key drivers – such as interest rates, capital flows, or energy prices – on your company’s performance
  • Assess a country’s financial health and stability with outlooks that span up to 30 years and cover as many as 500 time series per country
  • Support investment, trading, and credit decisions with our country risk and sovereign risk ratings for more than 200 countries
  • Calibrate your risk exposure to specific industries, effectively allocate resources and anticipate winning markets with global assessments and 20-year forecasts for 95 industries in 75 countries
Project Finance

Evaluate foreign direct investment with a holistic view of the economic and risk environment in more than 200 countries.

  • Mitigate investment risk with country risk ratings that quantify your exposures using a 0.1-10 logarithmic scale across political, economic, legal, tax, operational and security domains
  • Evaluate default potential for sovereign debt and identify short-term opportunities with transparent sovereign risk ratings
  • Monitor project risk in real time with more than 2,500 intelligence events published weekly and location-specific intelligence that goes beyond generic country risk scores to expose any potential threats for each 500m2 on the planet
  • Anticipate supply chain interruptions or potential project delays with country reports that detail the six risk score categories, along with daily headline analysis that updates you on risks to the business environment
  • Perform due diligence behind large capital investments with 30-year economic forecasts that can include up to 500 time series per country
Corporate Finance

Drawing upon more than 60 years of IHS Energy field experience, IHS Financial and Capital Markets brings you an objective view of M&A activity in the global energy space.

  • Monitor M&A activity and screen asset acquisition opportunities across the global energy value chain with a database of more than 40,000 energy industry transactions over the past 20 years – benchmarked against commodity prices with key M&A marketplace valuation metrics for all global regions
  • Craft your investment strategy with monthly, quarterly and annual delivery of forward-looking insights and trend analysis on the global upstream transaction market, including mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  • Determine the drivers of shareholder value, receive objective valuations, and analyze upstream strategy and performance of the world’s leading publicly traded oil and gas companies
  • Analyze company performance – from well results to acreage positions – and resource potential in more than 70 global plays
  • Get exclusive access to our oil and gas analysts who have, on average, 15 years of industry experience and are available to discuss their research with our clients

Anticipate risk to your entire book of business with a holistic security solution that integrates geo-spatial intelligence, country risk ratings and consistently accurate forecasts.

  • Determine a prospect’s insurability with country risk forecasts that mix threat intelligence and key drivers to project commercial outcomes – harnessing the expertise of 200 in-country analysts and 1,000 tightly managed sources
  • Support underwriting decisions with more than 2,500 intelligence events published weekly and evaluate trends by tapping into a growing database of over 1 million events
  • Visualize political and violent risks to your assets for up to 40,000 locations, down to the 500m2 level, along with analyst briefings and the ability to directly contact a country risk expert with any questions

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