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Minimize risk and maximize profitable growth

Whether an automotive finance company, insurer, local or regional government agency, the dynamic nature of today’s automotive industry can create significant opportunities and challenges for growth. Access to a comprehensive and reliable source of market and economic forecasts, sales and production activity, consumer purchase behavior, vehicle ownership, technology adoption and recall activity can mitigate risk, improve product development, maximize profitable growth, and shape policy.

Finance, insurance and government agency customers trust IHS Markit to deliver a breadth and depth of information and insight that guides product and market development, helps capture a greater share of the market, position against competition, mitigate risk of fraudulent activity, and craft new environmental and safety legislation.

IHS Markit automotive solutions

Financial Companies

Understanding where the automotive industry is going, the issues and innovations that will drive it forward, and the strategies that will bring success is key to more secure and successful investment decisions. With in-depth insight on the entire automotive value chain, financial institutions can clearly see where the opportunities and the minefields lie when it comes to investing in the automotive sector.


Insurance Companies

From present day decoding of VIN numbers to understanding how insurance will need to adapt as drivers move to a “shared vehicle” model or ride in autonomous vehicles, IHS Markit has the insight you need.


Government Agencies

From identifying future tax revenue related to vehicle sales to monitoring the economic stability of a region dependent on manufacturing jobs; from determining new legislation and regulations for emissions, fuel efficiency and automotive safety features to matching vehicles to owners—IHS Markit has the information you need.


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