Fertilizer Reports Suite

Understand the dynamics driving the global fertilizer market.

As the world’s population increases, the need for food and the nutrients to produce food will correspondingly increase. Although crop prices and purchase timing may affect short-term demand, growth is definite in the medium to long term. Demand for food directly influences fertilizer production. As developing nations improve their economies, there is a shift in dietary habits from traditional rice-based carbohydrate rich grain production to high protein-based foods. The increase in meat consumption will drive the livestock production, which consumes crops like corn, which in turn increases the requirement for fertilizer.

The Fertilizer Reports Suite helps producers and consumers understand chemical fertilizer market drivers, industry dynamics and key players by providing a comprehensive overview that supports strategic decision making.

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What’s Included

You will receive full access to the Chemical Economics Handbook (CEH) reports listed below, along with inquiry privileges to ask questions or discuss findings with the IHS Chemical experts who authored the reports.

Fertilizer Reports Suite
Ammonium NitrateCEH
Ammonium PhosphatesCEH
Ammonium SulfateCEH
Controlled and Slow-Release FertilizersCEH
Nitric AcidCEH
Nitrogen SolutionsCEH
Phosphate RockCEH
Phosphoric Acid, Wet-ProcessCEH
Potassium Chemicals, InorganicCEH
Sulfuric AcidCEH
Superphosphate, Normal & TripleCEH

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