Manage and distribute feedback to your research and execution partners, simplifying the broker evaluation process

Evolving global regulations, including MiFID II, have led to a heightened focus on how commission dollars are allocated. Investment professionals need to evaluate the services that are being delivered to them by their counterparties and determine how to compensate for those services appropriately.

IHS Markit's Evaluation Platform helps you manage and distribute feedback to your research and execution partners, simplifying the broker evaluation process. The platform allows buy-side firms to demonstrate a transparent process linking the quality and quantity of goods and services supplied by providers and the expected benefit to investors. In addition, you can easily track the evaluation cycle, maximize evaluator responsiveness, analyze results, review attended meetings during the evaluation period and provide feedback to the sell-side. Multiple options for formalizing and recording the evaluation process help improve workflows.

Our Evaluation platform is integrated with our Interactions and Payments platforms to enable a more efficient commission allocation process. You can also retrieve evaluation results in our Payments platform to make payments for eligible services with CCA/CSA credits.

Key benefits:

  • Flexible – Track evaluation using points, rankings or currency allocated across firms, individuals and categories of your choice, automatically saved every 30 seconds
  • Easy-to-use – Manage the evaluation process through a workflow timeline, track where evaluators are in the ballot completion process
  • Historical insight – View historical ballots and enjoy seamless integration of historic evaluation results to enable year-over-year analysis
  • Detailed assessments platform – Obtain scorecards with detailed reporting for broker evaluations, including market share analysis, evaluation trend data and qualitative feedback, as well as exercise the ability to send scorecards directly to brokers from the system


  • Asset managers
  • Hedge funds
  • Broker/dealers
  • Research providers
  • Investment banks

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