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European Power Analytics

Receive coverage of the full energy spectrum – global coal, gas, oil and carbon – integrated with European power modeling.

The growth of widespread wind and solar generation, resulting market design changes and persistent volatility in the global commodities markets have greatly altered electricity price formation in Europe – with the wholesale electricity markets now exercising predominant influence. Regulatory and technology developments also favor this shift. New EC-driven regulation calls for more market-based schemes to drive renewables expansion while emerging technologies – such as smart-metering – foster demand-side participation.

Within this changing business climate, predicting which power assets will succeed and which will struggle requires a more granular understanding of price formation. European Power Analytics provides a detailed forecast of wholesale power prices and fuel input prices to 2040 for 16 European markets to help you evaluate the long-term market value of power assets.

What’s Included

Price deliverables
Hourly price granularity of power prices and detailed fuel price inputs to 2040

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European power prices expected to reach 60-70€/MWh (real 2016) in 2040

Valuation metrics
Wind, solar, combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) and coal-realized gross margins and operating hours

Generation mix metrics
Aggregate power generation by fuel (gas and coal) on a quarterly basis for each country

Is European Power Analytics right for you?

Who uses European Power Analytics?

Plant owners and investors

Accurately model the market value of power assets operational dispatch patterns, associated fuel requirements and maintenance schedules with more granular forecast data.

Equipment providers

Better understand how future assets will operate and which innovative technologies will have greater market value – and stronger appeal – for clients.

Fuel suppliers

Understand how future generation by fuel will evolve and the type of flexibility that will be required.

Retailers and demand aggregators

Grow role in Europe’s wholesale electricity markets by keeping pace with the impact of new technologies and new regulation – notably the development of a smart grid – which enable development of more advanced retail offerings, including “time-of-use” pricing and “critical-peak-pricing."

System operators and regulators

System operators play a critical role in the design and operation of capacity mechanisms, and how these interact with wholesale markets.

Critical Questions Addressed

Detailed power price forecast

  • How will prices evolve?
  • Will we see new prices patterns emerge? Will negative prices become more common?
  • How will new technologies (storage, electric vehicles) impact the price curve?
  • What are the implications on demand and retail (e.g. smart offers)?

Implications on power plant value and usage

  • How will price formation impact the market value of power plants and different technologies? How does it differ across markets?
  • Will thermal generation profitability “recover”? How much “missing money” will need to be recovered in CRMs?
  • How will renewable plants that shift to market revenues be impacted?

Implications on generation mix

  • How will price formation impact the fuel mix chain?
  • Will generation and fuel supply portfolios need to evolve?
  • Will flexibility requirements increase?

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