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Engineering Workbench

Expedite technical research and innovation with an advanced engineering intelligence solution.

Engineers access an average of 13 different data sources - each with their own entry point/login - to get the information they need to complete projects. It's no wonder that engineers spend up to 40% of their time searching for information. To stay competitive, engineers must not only find the right information fast, they must also ask the right questions of the data.

Engineering Workbench addresses this "information overload" challenge with a single intuitive interface that uses advanced knowledge discovery technologies to surface answers from a curated universe of technical knowledge. This includes standards, codes, specifications, applied technical reference, engineering periodicals, patents and patent applications, and enterprise knowledge sources.

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  • Solve problems faster and deliver better products
  • Increase process efficiencies
  • Mitigate design and compliance risk
  • Achieve greater growth and profitability
  • Foster internal knowledge discovery and retention
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Explore the content available on the Engineering Workbench

Standards, Codes and Specifications

Standards Expert - The industry's top standards management solution, it connects your entire enterprise to the world's largest collection of continuously updated engineering and technical reference documents from over 400 standards developing organizations and publishers.


  • Full-text search, 'standards-tuned' document number search and results display, advanced filters, redlines and more
  • Customized data lists and searches
  • Watch lists with automatic change alerts
  • Document and project management tools
  • Multi-language interface and search
  • Ability to add notes to document records and metadata to Standards Expert index for future searches and securely retrieve external content referenced within internal documents and workflow processes


  • Reduce cost and risk due to noncompliance
  • Improve time to market
  • Guarantee product quality
  • Ensure user adoption
  • Simplify procurement

Download Next-Generation Standards Management with Engineering Workbench whitepaper

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Applied Technical Reference

Knowledge Collections - A comprehensive online library of 10,000+ authoritative engineering and technical reference documents from the leading publishers - aggregated, accessible and curated for you in one place.


  • Next-generation search technology that extracts answers, not results
  • Full-text search ability and automatic related keyword searching - no need to match search terms exactly to discover answers
  • On-demand virtual subject matter expert guides you through data
  • Faceted filtering by publisher, publication date, author and more
  • Tools to annotate content with project notes and expert commentary, share and bookmark source documents and link directly to answers within them


  • Accelerate research time by up to 30 percent
  • Solve problems faster by looking beyond your industry for answers
  • Increase engineering efficiency by reducing design cycles
  • Reduce errors and other project risks, and ensure compliance
  • Maximize corporate knowledge discovery and retention

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Engineering Periodicals

Expert Index Collection - A comprehensive collection of authoritative engineering and technical reference content, including more than 75 million technical articles, publications, reports, design principles/best practices, and over 100 eBook titles - aggregated and readily accessible in one place, to help engineers, scientists and other technical professionals quickly make the best decisions.


  • Next-generation search technology that extracts answers, not results
  • Full-text search ability and automatic related keyword searching - no need to match search terms exactly to discover answers
  • Faceted filtering by publisher, publication date, author and more
  • On-demand virtual subject matter expert guides you through data
  • Tools to share and bookmark source documents and link directly to answers within them


  • Reduce technical research time by up to 30 percent
  • Identify solutions to problems faster
  • Discover new applications for innovations from outside your industry
  • Ensure compliance with the latest best practices
  • Get new engineers up to speed faster through access to a comprehensive knowledge base

Download Expert Index Collection on Engineering Workbench brochure

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Patents & Applications

Patent Solutions - A rich collection of more than 60 million patents and patent applications from key global markets, published in the original languages.


  • Full-text searches and dynamic summaries available in multiple languages
  • Graphical toolset for performing a range of analyses


  • Discover existing or potential solutions to technical challenges
  • Understand new markets and prepare successful entry strategies
  • Comply with intellectual property rights
  • Keep pace with competitor companies, including their R&D investments
  • Monitor technology trends
  • Set new trends and drive product/process improvements

Download Patents Solutions on Engineering Workbench brochure

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Advanced research, problem-solving and analytics

A range of powerful tools, built from the ground up to help engineers and other technical professionals achieve sustainable productivity improvements, solve problems better and faster, and out-innovate the competition.


  • Patented semantic technology that extracts answers from data regardless of location, type or language
  • Problem-solving and ideation tools, including Root Cause Analysis, Value Engineering and TRIZ
  • Access to innovation consultants with broad experience in knowledge management, engineering, product development, materials science and systems deployment


  • Expedite the research process freeing engineers to focus on solving problems and developing solutions
  • Leverage prior knowledge to avoid repeating past mistakes
  • Accelerate problem solving and idea generation
  • Identify new markets and envision next-generation solutions
  • Gain insight into competitor, technology and market trends

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Engineering Workbench Capabilities

  • Authoritative, comprehensive content: With one search, you can extract the knowledge you need from a vast library of more than 135 million documents, from the sources you trust
  • Answers, not Results: Next-generation search technology, working behind the scenes of an intuitive interface, lets you quickly drill down to precise answers to your queries
  • Full-text search ability: If you know where to look, recover the exact document you need instantly
  • Semantic understanding: The search engine understands that when you search for “reduce” you could also mean “decrease”; therefore, you don’t have to worry about matching words to uncover answers
  • Faceted filtering with point-and-click research: Drill down by publisher, publication date, author and more to quickly locate the content you need
  • On-demand virtual subject matter expert: When you’re unsure of the questions to ask, let our add-on Research Assistant technology do the work for you so that you get answers organized by categories and, within those categories, by concepts
  • Productivity tools:
    • Dynamically create, translate, share and save summaries of source documents
    • Set up regular queries related to topics of ongoing interest to receive updated findings
    • Link directly to the answer in the source document
    • Extract source document’s bibliographic or metadata
    • Bookmark content and pin it to your desktop

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Who uses Engineering Workbench and how?



  • Engineers (Design, Compliance, Safety, Materials)
  • Scientists
  • Researchers
  • Non-engineer technical professionals
  • Use vetted industry reference sources to discover reliable and innovative solutions to technical challenges quickly
  • Accelerate R&D and problem solving
  • Minimize rework in the design cycle
  • Engineering program managers
  • Consolidate information sources to make your engineering teams more efficient and collaborative
  • Reduce costs and simplify processes
  • Librarians
  • Standards managers
  • Increase utilization of knowledge sources
  • Improve relevance of technical answers provided to engineering/R&D teams

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