IHS Energy Sentiment Intelligence

Analyze public attitudes, and identify communities, stakeholders and key influencers

How does the pubic feel about your corporate strategies, investments and operations? Who's driving topical energy policy and regulatory debates?

Energy Sentiment Pulse is a suite of social media analytics tools that provides intelligence to energy firms on country risk factors and "license-to-operate" issues. These tools integrate Energy proprietary content, expertise and advanced analytics to create solutions to some of the industry's biggest challenges. From hydraulic fracturing and climate change to water/air quality and pipeline development, IHS Markit measures public sentiment and identifies key influencers in real time across multiple social media outlets to help you know what people think and who's driving the debate. Energy firms use these actionable, valuable insights to:

  • Understand investment and new market entry risk
  • Develop innovative stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Executive effective outreach campaigns
  • Operate more responsibly
  • Optimize product and market portfolios
  • Make better predictions about economic decisions

State-Level Sentiment: “Fracking” March 2013

Positive sentiment = green
Negative sentiment = red

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