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Energy Outlooks to 2050 - Climate and Sustainability

IHS Markit delivers critical insight, strategic analysis, data and integrated energy outlooks to 2050 for conventional and renewable power, gas, LNG and coal markets. Access market fundamentals globally as well regionally for North America, Europe, Greater China, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia, Russia and the Caspian region.

Maximize operations and investments with pricing, analysis, long-term energy market projections/planning scenarios, and regulatory implications with unmatched depth and resources from the world’s foremost industry experts. Find full LNG value chain analysis, including markets, trade and profiles of key buyers and suppliers. Monitor policy, inter-fuel competition and technology developments. Use our advanced analytics to customize fuels analysis to your business.

  • Conventional Power – Expert insight into regional and global markets for conventional power with a focus on understanding how changing economics, demand patterns, cost, policy, technologies and other issues shape the industry and its key players.
  • Gas – A unique perspective on changing gas markets that enables you to conduct short-term market monitoring and to rationalize long-term strategic decisions.
  • LNG – Full LNG value chain coverage, from major companies, assets and pricing, to liquefaction/regasification projects, contracts and trade, for those who require a sophisticated approach to the LNG industry.
  • Coal – Critical intelligence and analysis on the seaborne coal market at both regional and global levels, supported by industry leading proprietary benchmark prices and strategic long-term market outlooks and real-time coal newswire.
  • Renewable Power – A thorough examination of near- and long-term global and regional outlooks for onshore and offshore wind, solar PV and CSP, geothermal, ocean, biomass, hydro, and energy storage. Deep-dive analysis of key players, investments and projects reveal signposts for the industry’s future.
Deepen your understanding of the world’s energy outlook for power, gas, coal and renewables
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Products & Solutions

  • Global Power Industry Outlook

    Find region-specific insight and fundamentals for conventional power markets in North America, Europe, Greater China, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia, Russia and the Caspian region. Understand the impact of changing economics, capital costs, demand patterns, technologies, policy and other issues on the strategy, financial performance and investment of key players. Find conventional power supply/demand and pricing forecasts, including generating capacity additions, retirements and resource adequacy. Conduct benchmarking exercises, and test your strategic plans under long-term alternative scenarios.

  • LNG Market Outlook

    Access a 360-degree view of the LNG industry. Find macro-level, short and long-term outlooks for global and regional LNG markets as well as detailed information on LNG assets, pricing and contracts. Keep pace with liquefaction projects, LNG importers and regasification. Learn about the main LNG players in this space and understand their strategies. Visualize LNG trade patterns, underpinned by the most accurate LNG cargo data available.

  • Global Gas Supply, Demand and Pricing Outlooks

    Discover full gas value chain coverage—including supply, demand and price outlooks—for North America, Europe, Greater China, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia, and the Russian-Caspian region. Our global and regional overview gives you a macro perspective of the LNG industry, which we supplement with granular analysis of LNG assets, markets, company strategies and trade. Use our research and connect with our experts to understand specific LNG projects, key players, your competitors, suppliers and customers, as well as country-level trends. Leverage the most accurate LNG cargo data available, including a 10-year historical database. Our market briefings and global energy scenarios enable you to conduct short-term market monitoring and optimize long-term decisions at a pivotal time for the industry.

  • Coal Market News, Insight & Analysis

    Find critical intelligence, analysis and real-time alerts for the global seaborne coal market, including industry-leading proprietary benchmark markers that serve as the settlement price in 90% of the world's coal-derivative contracts. You receive long-term steam coal and met coal supply, demand and price outlooks, along with strategic research reports and invitations to customer-only events. Get production and consumption data for all major coal regions, daily and weekly coal price markers, and detailed import and export statistics for thermal, metallurgical and petroleum coal. Understand the dynamics that shape regional coal markets across Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, India, China, the United States and Russia. This steady stream of content is delivered on an intraday, daily, weekly and quarterly basis, enabling you to better anticipate risk and opportunity in the global coal market.

  • Renewable Energy Industry Outlook

    Make better business decisions with detailed insight and market fundamentals for the world’s renewable power markets, featuring an in-depth focus on North America and Europe. Obtain the long-term forecast, with alternative scenarios, for onshore/offshore wind, solar PV and CSP, geothermal, ocean, biomass, hydro and energy storage. Quarterly updates, country profiles, renewable project data, M&A activity, RES owner rankings and executive briefings ensure you keep pace with market and policy developments.


Shankari Srinivasan

Ms. Srinivasan has specific expertise in global gas market fundamentals analysis, price forecasting, company strategy and scenario planning. She has authored numerous reports. Prior to joining IHS Markit, Ms. Srinivasan was Head of Energy Fundamentals at Centrica in the United Kingdom. She has covered the European gas market for many years and authored a number of reports as researcher and then leader of the European gas practice at CERA, which is now part of IHS Markit. She has also assessed the European and Russian gas markets with the International Energy Agency. Ms. Srinivasan previously worked at a New York brokerage firm as a corporate equity analyst. She holds three degrees from US Universities, a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University, a Master of Science from New York University, and a Master of Science from University of Pennsylvania. She also holds an Executive MBA from Cranfield University, United Kingdom.

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Jone-Lin Wang, Ph.D.

Dr. Wang currently works with clients on projects relating to North America and global power fundamentals, power acquisition and divestiture, and effects of policies on power systems. During her 20 years at IHS Markit, Dr. Wang first led the North American power team and then built the global power team. She also led the North American power, gas, coal, and renewables research and consulting practice for several years. She has authored or coauthored more than 50 research reports and has spoken frequently at IHS Markit events, industry conferences, and energy companies. Prior to joining IHS Markit, Dr. Wang spent 15 years at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), holding positions including CFO of a joint venture, manager of strategic planning, and senior economist. Previously, Dr. Wang worked on energy emergency planning for the Taiwan government, where she designed and calibrated an input-output industrial model for energy use optimization for the island state. She also taught economics at the University of Southern California. Dr. Wang holds a Bachelor of Science from National Taiwan University and a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California, United States, both in economics.

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John Howland

His team provides intelligence on the traded global coal industry and markets. It also covers the power markets, with an emphasis on the US sector. The publications feature essential price and demand supply information on the global coal markets, while the Coal indexes are used to settle 95% of all coal derivative contracts. Earlier, Mr. Howland was a director at the McCloskey Group, which was acquired by IHS Markit in 2007 and is now part of IHS Markit.​

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Michael Stoppard

Mr. Stoppard is responsible for the development and coordination of IHS Markit's global and interregional coverage of pipeline gas markets and LNG. His expertise also includes long-term scenario planning and the role of natural gas in the Energy Transition. Mr Stoppard has advised some of the world's largest LNG projects across continents. He is a regular speaker and moderator at major C-suite conferences including ADIPEC, the ATCE, CERAWeek, GasTech, SPIEF, and the World Gas Conference. He is the author of numerous IHS Markit reports, including "Two Visions of the Future of LNG," "European Natural Gas: The New Configuration, and "The New Map of Global Gas." He is co-author of the landmark paper "Exploring the Efficient Frontier: A Global Perspective on the Gas & Renewables Partnership". Previously he led the global gas team at IHS Markit CERA (now part of IHS Markit), where he set up the research and consulting business of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Earlier, he had been a research fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES) where he led the gas program. In addition, he served as a parliamentary special advisor for the House of Commons Trade and Industry Select Committee in the United Kingdom, and as a consultant to the World Bank. Mr. Stoppard holds an honors degree from the University of York, United Kingdom.

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Eduard Sala de Vedruna

Mr. Sala de Vedruna and his team deliver competitive strategy and market analysis to developers, utilities, and renewables equipment manufacturers on key trends and market opportunities. He is the author of numerous IHS Markit reports, including analyses of business models and competitive strategies employed by equipment manufacturers, utilities, and developers in the global renewables sector. Mr. Sala de Vedruna has more than 17 years of consulting and research experience in the energy sector with a focus on market analysis and competitive strategy, particularly with the global renewables market. He has worked on numerous tailored consulting assignments providing strategic advice and recommendations. Prior to joining IHS Markit, he was responsible for market research and management consulting at International Venture Consultants, where he contributed to a variety of projects for major oil and gas companies. Mr. Sala de Vedruna holds a degree in economics from the University of Barcelona, Spain. He is based in Paris and is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

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