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Energy Infrastructure and Markets Database

Advance energy projects with oil and gas infrastructure data.

Dramatic developments in the global energy market in recent years have underscored the need for a holistic approach for all stakeholders in the oil and gas chain from the wellhead through to end use markets. While unconventional gas developments in the US reduced the prospects for LNG in North America, the Japanese tsunami and nuclear disaster, brightened prospects for gas fired power generation for the rest of the world and thus the development of “stranded gas” based LNG resources. Massive investment in domestic refining capacity in Asia and the Middle East is rapidly changing crude oil and petroleum product trade patterns. The move to increase the use of renewable energy and reduce import dependence is impacting both the gas, power and refining sectors.

We provide comprehensive oil and gas transport, processing and infrastructure data.

Our seven modules link to second tab are licensed (individual or aggregate) and available by global, regional or country subscription. Delivered via EDIN or Energy Web Services enable subscribers to:

  • Create superior management presentations
  • Increase workforce efficiency
  • Boost new project research
  • Improve business planning and project development

What’s Included


Midstream Essentials

Facility capacity and ownership, including new projects for opportunity screening

Midstream Essentials brochure

Global Oil Midstream

Comprehensive infrastructure data for strategic analysis, investment planning and decision support

Global Oil Midstream brochure

Global Gas & Power

Power plant capacity by unit and fuel type with gas supply infrastructure context; LNG and gas pipeline contract database

Global Gas & Power brochure

Global Gas Storage

Storage facility details including type, working gas and cushion capacity; historical storage levels, injection and withdrawal rates

Global Gas Storage brochure

Global Emissions

Emissions history by facility; National Allocation Plans country data; Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation Projects (JI) carbon offset details

Global Emissions brochure

United States Pipeline and Facilities Data

From wellhead to market, data for monetizing pipeline infrastructure, access, production and control, especially for unconventional resource projects

United States Pipeline and Facilities Data brochure

Major Industrial Plant Database (MIPD)

Energy consumption profiles for over 17,000 US industrial plants, including natural gas, fuel usage, utility name, facility contacts and fuel-switching

Major Industrial Plant Database (MIPD) brochure

Commercial Energy Profile Database (CIPD)

Detailed prospect data for large energy-consuming commercial facilities

Commercial Energy Profile Database (CIPD) brochure


Find facilities information for oil and gas transportation, processing and primary markets infrastructure such as power and petrochemicals.


Leverage export functionality into GIS analytical tools, Google Earth, Excel, PDF, Word through EDIN interface.


Identify facilities based on location, capacity, status, ownership company or operator, and more.


Create and display maps of infrastructure features alongside other Exploration & Production layers.

  • Tie potential upstream projects to infrastructure and processing (offshore & onshore)
  • Identify early stage business opportunities on facility level
  • Determine viability of investments by understanding local operating & planned operations
  • Analyze facility trends and competition across oil, gas & power projects

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