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Canadian Oil Sands Dialogue

Access IHS Markit public reports on the benefits and issues associated of Canadian oil sands development.

Do you have a stake in oil sands development?

Learn more about challenges and opportunities facing the Canadian oil sands with independent IHS Markit research that has been made free for download. Senior industry executives, policymakers and community stakeholders use this non-partisan, balanced analysis to advance the conversation surrounding development of the Canadian oil sands.

Access the forum's extensive body of research today to:
  • Follow strategic discussions surrounding operating, infrastructure and pricing issues
  • Understand the business environment for long-term investments
  • Keep pace with market trends and discover opportunities
  • Understand the diverse perspective of oil sands stakeholders
  • Get a better understanding of oil sands development and the pulse of the industry
  • Inform public debate and future policy decisions
  • Learn more about the history and outlook of oil sands development

Download reports now

Would you like to have more access to expertise? Read about the benefits of Canadian Oil Sands Dialogue membership.

Initiated in 2009, the IHS Markit Canadian Oil Sands Dialogue has been bringing together a broad set of stakeholders and provides an independent, objective platform for discussing and delivering balanced information on development tradeoffs, limitations and opportunities. While membership in the forum offers a direct opportunity to learn and participate in the dialogue surrounding the oil sands, it also helps support public research for download. IHS Markit retains exclusive rights and responsibility for the content of the reports.

IHS Markit reports explore the key issues facing oil sands development. This includes four research reports and two supporting workshops that aim to facilitate a dialogue among key stakeholders to inform our research. Membership provides direct access to our researchers and to detailed oil sands analytics available from our client-only website.

Download Canadian Oil Sands Dialogue brochure.

Membership Benefits


Download any of the following reports using the "Download Now" button in the upper right hand corner of this page:

  • The GHG intensity of Canadian oil sands production, July 2020
  • All aboard: A view of Alberta curtailment, May 2019
  • Four years of change: Oil sands cost and competitiveness in 2018, April 2019
  • Looking north: A US perspective on Canadian heavy oil, December 2018
  • Greenhouse gas intensity of oil sands production, September 2018
    • Appendix A: Greenhouse gas intensity of oil sands production
    • Appendix B: IHS Markit method to upstream oil sands emission estimation is available upon request.
  • The continued convergence of media & technology, September 2018
  • Looking south: A Canadian perspective on the US Gulf Coast heavy oil market, April 2018
  • Scenarios of Future Growth, January 2018
  • A New Look Extracting economic value from the Canadian oil sands, November 2017
  • Pipelines, Prices, and Promises: The story of western Canadian market access, April 2017
  • Where Will Transportation Drive Global Oil (and Oil Sands) Demand
  • The State of Canadian and US Climate Policy, August 2016
  • Special Report: The two pillars: The increasingly integrated US-Canadian oil trade, June 2016
  • Special Report: Oil Sands Costs and Competitiveness, December 2015 
  • Special Report: Why the Oil Sands? How a remote, complex resource became a pillar of global supply growth, July 2015
  • Special Report: Crude by rail: The new logistics of tight oil and oil sands growth, December 2014
  • Special Report: Comparing GHG Intensity of the Oil Sands and the Average US Crude Oil, May 2014
    • Appendix: Comparing GHG intensity of the oil sands and the average US crude oil, May 2014
  • Special Report: Oil Sands Economic Benefits: Today and in the future, January 2014
  • Special Report: Critical Questions for the Canadian Oil Sands, October 2013
  • Energy Insight: Keystone XL Pipeline: No Material Impact on US GHG Emissions, August 2013
  • Special Report: Assessing Marine Transport for Oil Sands on Canada's West Coast, June 2013
  • IHS Markit comment: US State Department on Keystone XL Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, April 2013
  • Special Report: Extracting Economic Value from the Canadian Oil Sands: Upgrading and refining in Alberta (or not)?, March 2013
  • Special Report: Future Markets for Canadian Oil Sands, January 2013
  • Special Report: Oil Sands, Greenhouse Gases, and US Oil Supply: Getting the Numbers Right – 2012 Update, November 2012
  • Special Report: Assessing Environmental Regulations in the Canadian Oil Sands, December 2011
  • Special Report: Major Sources of US Oil Supply: The Challenge of Comparisons, October 2011
  • Special Report: The Role of the Canadian Oil Sands in the US Market, June 2011
  • Special Report: Oil Sands, Greenhouse Gases, and European Oil Supply: Getting the Numbers Right, April 2011
  • Special Report: Canadian Oil Sands Face US GHG Policy Uncertainty, April 2011
  • Special Report: Oil Sands Technology: Past, Present, and Future, January 2011
  • Special Report: Oil Sands, Greenhouse Gases, and US Oil Supply: Getting the Numbers Right, September 2010
    Also available are Frequently Asked Questions on this Special Report
  • Special Report: The Role of Canadian Oil Sands in US Oil Supply, April 2010
  • Multi-client Study: Growth in the Canadian Oil Sands: Finding the New Balance, May 2009
Standard Membership

Special Reports
Public release of four research reports per research cycle

Detailed Data Reports
Supporting figures, background information, and detailed oil sands fundamentals

Participation in two focus group discussions

Research Team Privileges
Timely responses from on-demand Energy researchers

Service Web Site Access
Repository for research report, data and other deliverables

Advisory Memberships

In addition to standard membership deliverables, advisory membership includes:

Agenda Development
Opportunity to input on future research agenda

Advance Copies of Special Reports
Opportunity to review early versions of Special Reports, pre-publication

* IHS Markit retains full editorial control of each special report and will remain solely responsible for the reports' content.

Current Research Topics

Special Report: Comparing US and Canada Climate Policy

Redrawing the map: Oil sands role in energy security

Special Report: Exploring oil sands cost and competitiveness

Insight: Why the Oil Sands: how a remote, complex resource became a pillar of global supply growth

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